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Conflicting Advice on PCT

I believe I have my cycle ready to go, the last sticking point for me is I am getting conflisting advice about my PCT.

I have been told to use Nolva during cycle and chlomid post cycle.

Also I have been told to use Amrimidex during cycle and nolva post cycle.

I have in my possesion 50 x nolvadex 20mg and 50 x chlomid 50mg

Bushy said to go with arimidex during cycle, but this would mean having to purchase arimidex and I dont really have the cash to buy any more gear, but I respect that Bushy is one of the main guys here and knows his stuff so…

Can I go with Nolva during cycle and then chlomid PCT?

Or should I invest more cash into this

Thanks in advance

i believe a good 3 week post cycle of nolva would do the trick, or so i understand.

A-dex and Nolva have different actions. A-dex is a aromatase inhibitor, while Nolva is a SERM./ A-dex blocks the conversion of aromatizible steroids to estrogen, whereas Nolva blocks the estrogen receptors in selected tissues.

Personally I don’t get on with Clomid as it screws with my vision. I personally use A-dex with a cycle and Nolva for PCT.