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Conflicted Lifter & Wrestler


Im a weightlifter(Serious for 10 months now) in the 10th grade and I wrestle. I've been thinking about getting into powerlifting, but i lose a lot of strength in my deadlift and benchpress during season.

Would it make sense to supplement my traditional powerlifting routine in for the lifting done in wrestling conditioning.

I do a lot of stuff that we do in wrestling in regards to pulling, and oly lifts which i do simly because i enjoy it.


LoL, I'm grade 10 too hahaha

Give us a little more information... ie your bodyweight, like I'm only 204, you should be around the same weight if you powerlift...

&& DIET, man, I can't stress enough, if you lose strength during season, you have to eat some carbs after a training sesh


squat:315(going for 335 in 2 weeks)

I eat a ton during season, and pretty much sleep all day.


I Just Got 320 Twice Today