Confirming What Many Already Know

Going on nine months of TRT, and I am really finally starting to see across the board improvements.

Early on, I was dosed too high, so it took a while to titrate down to my sweet spot. That’s still a work in progress, but the EOD protocol has really removed the peaks and valleys.

Like many noobs before me, and those yet to come, I also was of the mistaken belief if I took T, I’d immediately, easily, and quickly loose the belly fat.

Not true.

Only after being fed up with my lack of “apparent process” did I wake up and hire a trainer. As I already knew, but failed to follow, it’s an exercise protocol of 70% diet, 20% hard work, and 10% mental (HIIT bootcamp stuff 4x a week for an hour, a bunch of cardio, and a precise eating game plan).

For those interested in the diet aspect, you might consider checking out MyFitnessPal dot com. Available for the web and your smart devices. Free. Let’s me really dial in my eating.

In my case, as it turns out, I was not eating way enough calories – body was in constant starvation mode.

Now, eating right, working very hard, and keeping my mind focused on the task at hand, I’m finally really starting to enjoy the TRT experience.

I say all this because, well, if I can do it, so can you. There’s nothing special about me (I am Joe common man).

Best of luck.


How much were you eating and what’s your weight? Also, how much are you eating now?

+1 on my fitness pal app. Theres a huge disparity between how we THINK we’re eating and how we actually are when we track it.

You have to calculate your resting BMR. There’s a couple different formulas, but the general rule of thumb I have been told is your body weight x 10 = # cals consumed per day to maintain your weight.

8-10 = lose weight
10-12 = maintain
12-14 = gain

10x your weight, and that’s just to keep your body from entering a state of catabolism or starvation mode, where your body will use up muscle (which devours calories) and save the fat. Won’t build any new muscle. Longer recovery. Fatigue.

Before this, I was on a greatly reduced (unhealthy) regime of 1,250-1,500 calories a day.

Stupid, now I know.

I weigh 270 and now lead a very vigorous lifestyle, so I need to eat (on the days I bootcamp) 3,500 calories to stay the same.

Obviously, I am trying to lose weight, so I attempt a 500 calorie per day deficit, each and every day, which will give me a healthy weight lose of 2# per week.

The My Fitness Pal app is invaluable… No guessing. Simple to use. Free.

In my mind, I had it “eat = fat”… So I would starve myself. It’s actually a challenge to prepare and eat 3,000 healthy calories a day. Much of it mental. I try to not eat out a lot (they kill you on the sodium).

When I first got going and I weighed myself, I was scared s’less that I’d have bloated up 10#. First couple of weeks, a couple of pounds lost. But I lost inches and gained muscle mass (core, chest, legs, and arms).