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Confirm the Label on REZ-V

Is it wrong? I saw somewhere on the site that three tablets equals 300 mg, meaning each tab is 100 mg, but on the label of the REZ-V bottle I have it says each tab is 50 mg.

Which is it?

It says serving size:2 tabs, 100mg per serving on mine - so that looks like 50mg a tab.

But 36 servings @ 2 tabs per day, means 24 servings @ 3 tabs a day which should equal 300mg.

Could just be funny wording.

There is a [b]printing error on the bottle of REZ-V[/b]

The correct dosage is :

[b]Serving Size: 3 tablets, yielding 300mg resveratrol

100mg per tablet[/b]

Biotest usually includes a piece of paper which alerts one to this discrepency when you order REZ-V. So rest easy, it is indeed 100mg per pill.

There is a typo on the current label.

Each REZ-V tablet contains 100mg Resveratrol.