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Confident on Everything But Arms


I feel pretty confident in my training schedule, except I am not too sure about my workout for arms (specifically TRICEPS)

Here it is: (I alternate bi/tri exercises on arms day)
standing EZ bar curls
db skull crushers (palms facing each other)
standing db curls
db close grip press, palms facing each other
db hammer curls
straight bar cable pushdowns

I know triceps have been discussed alot before, like in Akuma's threads and many others, but as far as how many exercises, is this a good workout for my arms? Along with enough calories, do you think I will get bigger arms with this?


ya, it looks fine.
try the DB skull crushers on a decline bench or preferably do PJRs or dead stop extensions (something with a pull over movement to engage the long head).


why do you alternate exercises?

what is that accomplishing, specifically?


Alright man thanks, ill look those up and do it on decline


To give the muscle I just hit a little time to rest before I hit it again.
For example, if I just did ez bar curls, my bis are a little fatigued, so if I go straight into another bicep exercise I wouldnt be able to do as much weight or reps. On the other hand, if I do a tricep exercise next, they can rest while I do db skull crushers. Then when I get to db curls my bis will be a little stronger.



I think your tricep selection is poor.

Dumbells are not ideal for triceps. Cables are far superior and can be used in the exact same way.

something like (after a warm up of course, I prefer pushdowns for a warmup)

Smith cgp or HS dips

PJR pullover with ez bar

cable kickbacks or rope pressdown

if you like a 4th thing Id add a different cable attachment. 3 should be plenty though.

I see no way that dumbell skull crushers can provide the type of stablility needed for good progression.


Thanks bonez,
couple questions to clarify,
are these pjr pullovers? (except I will use an EZ bar)

Is it really necessary to do them perpendicular to the bench, or can I just do them like normal on a bench but with my head hanging off? isnt it basically like a skull crusher, but using a slight pullover motion

And as for rope pressdowns, is there any method to it? I have hear you have to separate your hands at the bottom and flex the tris. I have always thought of rope pushdowns as wussy but not anymore now that you recommend them haha


thats the idea. in my opinion, he brings his arms to far forward at the top of the motion. you dont need to lay on the bench that way, i dont.

for rope press down, personally, i dont pin my arms to my side like most. i flare my elbows. thats preference though.


Stats? Photos? Current split or "style of training?" Training history? Overall nutritional habits?

How do you know, you even need to spend training resources on direct arm work? While direct arm work is needed at some point in time, you may be better served focusing on other parts of your training.

You can put together an endless list of arm exercises and strategies to train them, but if a few key components aren't already in place, you won't see the type of growth your looking for....in any body part.



We need a little more information to give you a better assessment.


i wish i could get my arms to grow.


hey look it's no-wheelz Holy Mac. :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, those are PJRs. I do them long ways on the bench with my upper back off the bench and my feet anchored down.

Rope pressdowns arent complicated. Spread your hands if that allows you to hit your triceps harder. If its only making your forearms or wrists do more work than it's not really necessary.

There is only so much that can be done for triceps with heavy pressing, and only so much heavy pressing you can do in one workout. I cant think of a bodybuilder that doesnt do some form of cable pressdown.


I've always preferred to do rope pressdowns with a longer rope. Simply because of the leverages when using a shorter rope, if you spread your hands apart at the bottom that will usually be the limiting factor on the exercise. With a longer rope, this lessens that effect somewhat.

Not saying this is absolutely necessary and it's obviously possible to do them without spreading your hands apart at the bottom, but just something you might want to look into if you don't usually like rope pressdowns.



Go read the article on the front page today. Its an arm article... today must be your lucky day


I went to the gym for arms today:
did my ez bar curls, then my "pjr pullovers" with the ez bar on the bench and they felt awesome!!!

..then the gym was packed with kids talking to each other and hogging the dumbells and weights for ten minutes at a time, so I left. tomorrow is legs day, wedneday is chest, and thursday is back day, so I am going to do tris on chest day and bis on back day to make up for it this week


Nice, good info.. I read about the three second descent for biceps... I will start doing a slower descent on bis with better form. sometimes I forget that its not about the weight but the good form.

As far as warm ups, you guys always talk about them.... so apparently they are important...usually, like today, I just walk up to the ez bar, throw a ten on each side and do 8 reps for my warm up then put 20 on each side and do two sets to failure. Do you guys think I need a better warm up?
do you guys warm up before every new exercise? and how do you know when your muscles are warmed up enough to put heavy weight on?


Its about heavy weight and good form, three second eccentrics are a method that I would not use exclusively.
Remember the author wrote that article from the point of view of a guy who has 18" guns and can already move a lot of weight.
You will probably find that most on here will do one or two "true" warm up sets. However even after that I dont put my maximum weight on the bar for the desired reps on my first set. I will increase the weight each set.
I dont think its neccisary to warm up on every new exercise, just the first one for a particular body part. Again though I would suggest your first set be a bit lighter but still a working set.
At this stage you are not lifting really heavy weight so the warm up is maybe not as important. for your EZ bar curls I would suggest doing a set of 10-20 with the bar (focus on the muscle contraction) then do a set at 10 a side, 15 a side and then do your 2 sets at 20 a side. The 10 a side and 15 a side sets are pretty much working sets for you.
If you are a beginner You might be better off just doing two exercises but doing more than two sets and doing them really well.


Why don't you read the article by John Meadows that came out today? There is nothing wrong with alternating tris to bis.


Who said there is?

Did you read my posts afterwards?

Why dont you spend more time lifting before running your mouth. DebraD has a better back than you.