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I?ve been a T-Man since ?99 and have lived the bodybuilding lifestyle for over 14 years. Since then I?ve gone from an untrained weight of 150 lbs to well over 230 lbs of muscle as of last month. I?ve probably done about 10 mass building anabolic cycles over the years. This year a couple of life changing events has caused me to re-think my belief in God and I finally submitted and gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I threw out my anabolic stash that I had been collecting over the last year, some of you may be sad to hear that I tossed out 16 amps of Spanish Primo 100mg, 20 amps of Thai Testoviron Depot 250mg, 38 amps of Zambon Winstrol 50mg, about 600 tabs of Thai D-bol, about 100 Anadrol blues, in addition to baggies of Nolvadex, Clomid and Proviron. Oh yeah and a bunch of Oxandralone. Losing all this would have made me literally cry before I was saved. Now I tell you this because I have only relied on anabolics for the last few years and have paid no attention to any legitimate bodybuilding products. So I virtually know nothing on how to boost my testosterone and growth hormone naturally, excluding my use of creatine and eating lots of protein. However, my question to you all is what is out there that really works to put on muscle for the natural drug free bodybuilder?




There are many others on this fine message board who can advise better than I as to the many great products that are available to help you "naturally" build your body. Many of the best are sold by Biotest!

I just want to welcome you into the folds of Christianity! As a fellow Christian (going on 13 years)I can tell you that there will be many challenges ahead for you. Just because you decided to accept Jesus Christ as your savior does not mean that life will become easier. My advice is to remember that the Lord makes all things work for the ultimate good for those who love and trust him.

You are on a journey worth traveling. No matter how big or strong you become, or how long you live, in this life it is only a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to eternity! You made the right choice man and I not only welcome you to T-Mag forum, but more importantly to the brotherhood of Christianity!


Well, first off:
Why did you dump the stuff? Because you believe God wants us to obey our earthly laws? I'm asking seriously, because if you believe that 'screwing with nature' is wrong, then you really shouldn't be looking at anything beyond food and multivitamins. Right?


Oh boy, here it comes. I'm an agnostic myself but I'm glad that you've found comfort and acceptance in the church. It's way cool that you dumped the roids. You're gonna get hammered by some of these guys though.


Oh man. I had this "am I going to hell for using AAS" debate with myself for a couple minutes. Then I got a grip.

God wants us to be healthy, and as long as you're using AAS in a healthful manner, and not making AAS or related efforts your god I don't see an ethical problem with it.

I mean, you can legally do AAS in some countries, would God look at it differently there? Are you swearing off Mag-10? Methoxy?

And if you want to talk legality in this world, then know that protein powder and various other supps are illegal in many countries.


Congratulations. Accepting God is a hard thing to do. I have been through my ups and downs with Christ, but I now I truly know what strengthens me. My gifts are not from me but from Him. My life is much more fulfilling now: It has purpose. I am really happy for you.

About throwing away the steroids. If that is what you felt convicted to do, I am glad that you did it.

In faith,


Geez, the guy isn't hear to debate or hear anyone's crap about his decision to dump the juice. Lay off already.

His question has to do with what he can take/use as a natural bodybuilder.


Bro, first off that is awesome that you have been saved, and I welcome you as a brother in christ, man that gives me goosebumps. As far as your question goes, not trying to be rude in any way, but the search engine has many good methods of upping testosterone the right way, with food. I would give it a shot, and listen to some of the wiser individuals. But most importantly stay strong on your journey and dont hesitate to PM me if you ever are struggling or in need of support...Joey


Thunder: In case you're referring to my reply, I was genuinely asking what his reasoning was. My logic was to avoid giving him 50 recommendations, and him then saying "Yeah, but my religious beliefs say X."


Fellow T-Men, thank you very much for your support and encouragement as I try to readjust my lifestyle and thinking patterns. I'm not giving up bodybuilding or T-Mag and in one hand I'll have my Bible and the other I'll have a dumbbell! My reasons for tossing out the juice are because I was repenting and confessing my sins before Him and I thought I had everything out when He kept prompting me to toss the juice. So I did. I felt better for a while but now I want it back. I guess old sin habits are hard to break. Yes, I do believe we have to obey the laws of our country, wherever we are. I'm not opposed to taking medications to help the body heal and promote growth or health. So I'm not going to harp on anyone on this board if they do. God was simply telling ME that I needed to stop juicing - among other things. I'm probably going to have to pay more and get less from legitimate bodybuilding products, but at least I'll have a clear conscience. Heck, I was even trying to get my woman to go on Oxandralone. I'll try just about anything legal, so if you guys could give me a few recommendations I'd appreciate it. In the mean time I'll start searching around like a newbie even though I could probably ace the T-Mag anabolic exam :slight_smile:


bro I am not going to tell you what I think you should do, as I will leave that to you and your prayers. What I will tell you is that you did the right thing by tossing the juice and beggining your quest to be clean. A lot of the time God will ask us to do things that we do not want to do, but if we obey him and his command we will, and although we might have regrets you can be confident in the fact that you did what was right. See it is not always easy to do the right thing, especially when you see what others around you are getting and you see what appears to be there satisfaction which has came from unjust means. Trust me bro it gets hard, and I know you are experiencing that, but stay strong, as that is what we have to do, I know this will sound strange, but Satan is around every corner and it is his job to pursuade us and get us to follow the wrong path, but we must fight. Stay strong bro, if you are interested in a good book that helps there is one I have been reading called, "The battlefield of the mind" , you can find it in the religous self help section of most book stores. Good luck Bro...J


Congratulations on finding RELATIONSHIP, not RELIGION. I commend you on your post. Most guys would have been too afraid of getting flamed for what you wrote. I think it's great for us guys to call ourselves T-Men, but I believe it's a far greater honor to be known as G-Men (Godly Men). In response to your dumping the juice, James 4:17. The new Mag-10 (capsules) is a fantastic product. I gained nearly ten pounds using the twice a day dosage, with sub par protein consumption. Also, my strength went through the roof. I was throwing up weights that I never thought I would. I plan on getting the diet right for my next cycle in two weeks. Welcome to the spiritual family. I am proud to call you my brother. In Him we win


Oh Yeah! I'm all over this thread! Way to go Morpheous, best choice you'll ever make. Welcome to the family! Lifting is great for the confidence level, but I know that the Lord is my strength. Cool to know I got brothers on this-here forum.

In Faith, Billy

btw, big cojones for stepping out, bro.


Congratulations on your newfound direction, Morpheous, and best of luck in your quest. You're not alone out here!


Morpheous - read the article here on t-mag called The Man in the Window.
It's about experienced juicers that tried the biotest mag-10 product. It's awesome.