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I've already lied twice today....


I was going to masturbate in the shower but I backed out.


I did.


I left a hot steamer on someones bed.


I told myself I was going to be productive.



I cried like a little girl.



I just ate a homemade apple pie.

Tomorrow fire will shoot out of my arse because I'll have hot chili for dinner.


I wasted this whole day on the SAMA thread... but it was worth it.


i should be studying right now but instead i made a nice strong drink and am on T-Nation


Trimmed my butt hairs after I shaved my head.


Had to clean up a hot steamer today :frowning:


I sometimes think about myself lifting when I masturbate. I love it that much.


Watched someone clean up a hot steamer.


I got wasted and spent a lot of money. Dammit. At least, I made impression on gals.


I used to seduce married women because it made me feel good.

I gave piss-poor customer service at my job I'm planning to leave in six weeks because I wanted to get back to writing sales copy for the website for my business I'm leaving the job for.

I just ended a run-on sentence with a preposition.


I sometimes think about myself masturbating when I lift. I love it that much.




Lift for my looks and not for health...sorry


i killed a man.

Wait no, I mean I saw an old friend. I sometimes get those mixed up- makes for very awkward reunions.


I had many naughty thoughts about my co-worker that just left.......

I bet shes fun in the sack.