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Confessions of a soy baby...

Man, great article this week on Soy- I knew enough to stay away from it but this is rediculous! I was initially fed a product called “soylac” because i wouldn’t drink milk. Now i wonder how much of a long term effect that had on me growing up? I was always a chunky kid, was never aggresive and never been in a fight in my life, never chased girls either until i met my current girlfriend at 24. Man, i wonder how much less fat and more muscle i would have if i was brought up on good 'ol breast milk? Anyone else raised on soy crap? I’m going to go cry in the corner now…

Wow, people really do refuse to take responsibility for anything these days.

Zulu: Like making non-constructive comments?

Hahaha, you should go out with your friends, get drunk, pick a fight in a bar, then go home and screw your girl silly.

Just kidding. I’m sure there is more to your story than just drinking some soy milk as a child. The fact that you were not breast fed probably accounts for your fascination with breasts (it does mine). Also, was there a male figure in your home when you grew up? I mean who hasn’t gotten into a scrap before?


I blame the schools and the fuck-witted New Democratic Party for not losing my virginity until I was already 14.

LOL Brent! Actually the main reason for my post was to inquire as to how much of a long term hormonal effect, if any, soy milk would have on a child. And no, it has nothing to do with taking responsibility: when you’re a kid, you eat what is put in front of you and thats it. I started weight training at 12 and into my teens i learned about proper diet and started making my own meals etc, which turned me into the buff superstud i am today! (posing with gusto) i read somewhere that the body completely replaces all its tissues every 14 months or so, so i’m thinking the long term effects would be next to nil after so many years of good eating. Just a conversation starter, thats all:)

I was raised on soy too. I was fed tofu quite a lot… Also I remember as a kid, I used to drink this ‘royal jelly’ stuff (which I just recently heard is very estrogenic).

I was pretty much a fat, pansy-assed, no girlfriend, smelly loser until I hit college. That’s when I started lifting, cutting out soy, eatings lots of eggs, and reading John Berardi articles.

Now I’m an 11% bodyfat, no girlfriend loser that can deadlift 315lb (almost double my weight)

Yay for no more soy! Huzzah! Huzzah! O:)