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Confessions of a Homophobe



It's time to come out the closet....


I Hereby BANISH YE to the CESSPIT Of PWI!!!





If the guy is serious I admire his gusto and if its all made up, well then I enjoy his satire.


ummm....gay and joy mean the same thing....they are synonyms for each other.....


This shouldn't even be in PWI. Obvious satire is obvious.




That's part of the satire.

Homophobia is a personal pet peeve of mine. I go mad in 0.01 if I sense homophobia somewhere. I had to stop reading the comments in different newspapers about NY approving same-sex weddings.
But I think we have a forum to discuss these matters...


I think many men would feel less conflicted when they realize it's not really gays that they hate but guys that act sissy.

That may sound weird but what I mean is I'm fine with homosexuals, but I find that the ones that act more gay then Carson on Queer Eye make me want to tell them that they're acting like a teenage girl. I mean like the worst guy on Project Runway that's rolling his eyes and snapping his fingers.
You can be gay, but act like a man.


Hey HH, is this your way of coming out?


Several of the homosexuals I know are likely more manly than 50% of the posters on this site and they express on a daily basis how much they hate "flaming queens" that go out of their way to make people know their gay and somewhat uncomfortable about it.


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Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. No one should act like a whining 16 year-old girl. Not even 16 year-old girls should act like that.


I agree with Nards. I don't care where you put your dick, but don't act like a little girl or a spoiled princess.


But the flaming queens are entertaining.


I completely agree with you. I could care less what you do sexually.


It'd be interesting to see how many homophobes got a religious background. I'm willing to bet that it's a high %. Also, the % split by age.


Just don't throw Catholic priests into that equation or it'll be skewed.


Hahahahaahahahaha you beat me to it ID.


Or act like your sexuality is your identity, I also feel the same about straight people who their whole identity is a stereotype.