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Confessional Thread


i watch how i met your mother and big bang theory and find the shows to be entertaining...

i feel so much better, take this thread as an opportunity to open up about your guilty pleasures.


I just dowloaded Angry Birds for my phone yesterday and have played it for about 4 hours total already.


Even though it is finals week I have spent 10 of the last 24 hours beating Assassins Creed II....


When Real Madrid (football/soccer team) loses I visit this particular website that is filled with hardcore fans and laugh at their excuses, crying, etc.

Also, 9gag...


I take pleasure in other people's pain.

Sexual pleasure, I mean.


When I'm happy, I do tiny bits of the "Single Ladies" dance...


I genuinly like Lady Gaga music.


I raped a lovely couple last night.


Was it Vicompte and Count Rocula?


i liked this song in pre-Video days
when i saw the video eventually, all i thought was that i probably wouldn't get a leather jacket with fringes
it was back in the day when i figured anything that didn't make sense to me must be random


Last week I put a snack sized snickers bar at the bottom of my oatmeal.

I don't know what's worse, that my ego is so inflated for discovering such a deviant treat or that I'll look at my clock at 3:00am, roll over, and smile knowing that I only have 2.5 more hours till I get to have oatmeal.

I'm a terrible person


these guys were actually pretty big on local radio when i was 16-18 yrs old
that first song seemed like it was something a blue-collar guy sings to his wife
video irked me somehow

then this one:

i liked the song but never saw the video
apparently, American cable featured topless version (we didn't have anything like that in Canada then)
featuring then-16 year old Traci Lords

band never seemed to take off like expected
guitarist died in tour bus accident
singer ended up working in convenience store after a savage beating


when i was a kid i used to watch the beginning of this show
didn't like the show
just the beginning


I get misty when I hear this song.


Nah, it was Edevus and the BirdMan who were sitting on a park bench making out.


I came on my own face masturbating yesterday.

Does this make me sweet?


My dad once locked me and my brother in the dark basement late one night when I was very young... without explanation.

I had an afro perm in 8th grade!

I was once the lead role in a tuxedo commercial... complete with pink Mohawk and matching cummerbund.

I've never been inside a strip joint...nor do I care to be.

I once found an extremely rare insect. Only 2 were ever collected, and both in Hawaii! I found mine in New Jersey. How it got there is a mystery.

I have a mild case of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Even though I've always been an artist, I HATED coloring books as a child.

I often will choose a song, and play it on 'repeat' for hours on end.

I once witnessed my wife having a gyno exam.

I've never lost a game of Boggle in my life.



I am freaked out by ID's dad/basement story.

I had an afro perm in 5th grade.

I once GAVE my wife a gyno exam.


One of my neighbors were out of town when their 19 year old son had a party. They Kept the entire neighborhood up until early hours of the morning. I finally had enough of it and snuck into their backyard where I found numerous partially full beers. I poured out some of the beer in a few of the bottles, pissed in them to fill them back up, and then placed them back exactly how I found them. Snuck back into my yard and then watched the hilarity unfold.


I'm sitting here naked as I type this.