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Confession Time-Need Help

I have danced around my question a couple times here but I wanted to confess something.
Wow,… this is hard…Hello, my name is Nick, and I am a body for life follower. Wow, I feel like a load has been lifted.
Actually, I appreciated BFL, because I was a long time follower of Weider and his crap, that Bill’s book was easier and I made REAL progress. Unfortunately, I stalled. I maintain relations with other BFL who say give it time but from reading Testosterone.net I realize that the training aspect is leading to overtraining (eye twitching real crazy).
I simply want to tell Bill and BFL thanks, I’m moving on to T-mag.

Here’s where I need some advice. I read many issues of T-mag and learned that it’s probably a good idea to do a 2-3 wk cutting program followed by a 2-3 wk bulking pro. I was thinking of doing one of the fat burning programs or maybe a three (GBC, Fat2Fire, Meltdown) with a Don’t Diet or a T-dawg diet.
At first my idea was to do 2wk-F2Fw/Don’t Diet, 2wk-GBC w/T-dawg, and 2wk Meltdown w/a MRP or Fat Fast diet.
Now this is one of my ideas, another is to do a fatburning diet and workout then a mass building diet and work out.
Or because I was doing BFL, should I just go back to “Dawg School”?
BTW, I am 5"5’, 211, 18-19%. Calories-Unknown since I’ve been doing the fist method.
Any advice will be appreciated.

P.S. Apply T-mag principles allowed me to Tweak BFL and actually make some good muscle gains.

You can do any of those training programs or you can go back to Dawg school. It is up to you. The diet part is a little harder to deal with. I would avoid the Fat Fast diet unless you need to drop lots of fat in a very short time. Also, if you plan to use the T-Dawg diet, I would plan on at least 4 weeks of time so that you get the fat burning benefits of a low carb/ high fat diet. Whether you choose to do a long term cutting phase or alternate between cutting and bulking really depends on your desires. At 19-20% body fat, I would try to drop down to at least 12-14% before trying any serious bulking cycle for 2-4 weeks. BTW, BFL is a great place to start, its just not a great place to stay forever (contary to what Bill Phillips wants you to believe). Also, as a BFLer, you have probably been on the low fat diet for a long time, so make it a priority to read all the information you can about the importance of dietary fats. Good Luck.

The diets all depend on how fast you want to lose fat. The faster you lose the more muscle you’ll tend to lose. If you want to lose slower I’d try the Don’t Diet Approach with Meltdown training. If you want to lose fast try either steroid dieting by Cy Wilson with Mag-10 and Surge or try t-dawg diet both with Meltdown training.

GOOD LUCK in your escape from…gasp…Body For Life!

The body needs fat to produce hormones.
The body needs carbs to produce/get glukose.
The body uses glukose and oxygen to produce ATP. The body uses ATP to contract your muscles. (Along with creatine p. and ADP…)
The body needs protein to build and mantain itself.

The trainer needs willpower to get results,
the trainer needs to log his results to get results, the trainer must MAKE A DECISION and he must STICK TO IT.

So, choose a program, try it for a month, then try another program for a month.

Don’t spend a month trying to choose your program.

If you can’t pick, I’ll pick for you, do some German Volume Training (2000).
Bloody nice to shock your body, helps to perfect technique in a given lift, has some nice hormonal effects, and you can eat lots with it.
It’s also very painful and should prepare you for Meltdown training.

Finish these two programs in the next 12 weeks and my respects will go to you, bfl graduate.

Hey man, lots of us have been there. BFL was my starting point too. I will forever be greatful to Bill for getting my butt up off the couch, but now I can’t help but get mad when I hear him missinform people. I actually read one of his “chats” he has with people that are moderated. One guy said his progress was stalling out after 4 different 12 weeks cycles and asked Bill what he should do. Bill said eat a little more protein and make sure he’s hitting his “10’s”. At this current point I think I could punch Bill for knowing better and still telling people they don’t have to change up their program (other than exercises) to keep getting results. He has done a great service AND disservice to people. Too bad he can’t just say “move on to another program - research and find what works for you, I’m glad your not eating doughnuts every morning now”