Confess Your Cringiest Workout Song

Let’s hear it.

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Deep confession time here:
“So What” by P!nk

Mostly because I have had a crush on that woman since high school.

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I will definitely be the odd one on this subject.

For the first 8, or so, years I worked out without music in the gym. There was silences, followed by some talking, then some clanging, followed by more silence, and so forth…

I didn’t really like the silence. When music became more expected, I preferred soft music. The best music for me was music where I didn’t notice it was playing. I strived on focus of my aim. I didn’t need any hype to psych me up. I knew what I was there to accomplish.

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Not the odd one out. I would say 2/3 of my workouts I don’t listen to anything.

Workouts where I am fighting the clock or pushing hard, changing songs helps remind me another few minutes has passed and I am one step closer to the end.

Who got the music pun there?


I train to video game music.

This song, in particular, is reserved for epics

Case in point


Good timing - Im actually putting together a gym list for this afternoon when the kids go down for a nap.

Not sure if it’s cringy, but there are sometimes where channeling melancholy in to a workput can be a productive emotion. I’ll listen to stuff like this.

I also remember reading about a gym owner who only played country music because he got sick of members dicking atound. He also had a noose hanging in the gym.

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I don’t listen to music. Just what is playing over the gym speakers but I typically block that out and have no recall of what song is playing while I’m lifting.

I had three stereos stolen out my car back in the early 2000s so I never got one put back in and got used to silence when making long drives and I also didn’t listen to music when training for triathlons because I needed to listen to road and traffic noise for safety.

However, if I DID listen to a song, it would be Quit Playing Game with My Heart by the BSB or Stand Amid the Roar by Silverstein. They are really similar.

Cringy might be Mariah Carey or Shania Twain, I used to jam those quite often when running so I could see putting those on when lifting if I listened to music.

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I listen to a lot of sonic the hedgehog music.


Most serious lifters would cringe at the boy band hits that get me revved up, but maybe “I want it that way.”


Also, Im calling out @Chris_Shugart for starting this thread but not confessing. The people demand to know.

It’s ok if it’s also a boy band song.

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I scoured my lifting playlist and found nothing embarassing (which was surprising tbh)… So I’ll post some throwbacks that I’ve been lifting to for nearly 15 years.

Okay I’ll stop old man spamming y’all… for now.


Tears Don’t Fall is one of my favorite songs lol. Or anything from Killswitch Engaged


Silence 99.9% of the time. But currenly the sound of pigeons living on my neighbours satellite dish.


I like metalcore, but the older I get the more cringy it seems to me. Kinda like metal for teens lol, which is when I got into it. I do still like Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, older A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada. Probably forgetting a few.

Edit: I do like Killswitch, and find them to be one of the more mature sounding bands in metalcore.


Ya got me.

My playlists are diverse. And by that I mean schizophrenic. I usually just listen to songs through YouTube and then let the app make suggestions. It gets weird.

Just from today:

Yes, I was a middle school breakdancer.

Gross, but clever.

As for most embarrassing, how about Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” as a punk pop song?

Admit it, this is awesome.


Well, Kanye is cringe worthy for a myriad of reasons…

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If we’re going to allow Michael Jackson songs to still be on the radio, Kanye is still allowed.

Stronger came out 13 years before he hurt people’s feelings over some tweets.

I guess for me, my worst is I went through a few weeks that I really liked the song Jolene by Dolly Parton. Just not very manly at all. I still like the song. Just not really a great song for deadlifts.


She is a badass though…
Seriously does a lot for a ton of people with her wealth.


That’s understandable. I’m picky with song choices, so between both bands I only have a few that I like. For me the lyrics don’t matter as much with metalcore as the melody and riffage does personally. I’ve heard most of the bands you’ve listed, all awesome.

Have you tried to take a look at Melodic Death Metal? It’s similar to Metalcore but alot more Aggressive and Adrenaline Spiking while maintaining similar epic riffage haha. Kalmah, Dimmu Borgir, Fear Factory and Eluveitie are the ones that come to mind

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