Hey guys, this one has probably been run before, but I need your help again regardless. I have a new girlfriend now that, unfortunately, isn’t on the pill. As a result, we’re using condoms and probably will be for some time to come. Here’s the problem: I can’t ejaculate if I have a condom on as it is not nearly sensitive enough for me (without one it would be a completely different story). I’ve been using Trojan’s Ultra Thins, but they still don’t feel nearly sensitive enough for me to be able to finish. Do you guys know of any other brands that feel any better?

Trojan Ultra Pleasure in the purple wrapper.

I have had a similar problem in the past. Try to stop jackin off and you will be so backed up with reserves you will blow your load no problems. But no cheating! you can’t jerk it even if you can’t have sex for a few days. Good luck

I dont care if you have a g/f,wife or whatever,how the hell are you supposed to stop spanking it,or go a few days without blowing a load for that matter!!??

the trojans with the gold wrapper aren’t bad, except they’re kind of expensive. i would just try to convince your girl to go on the pill.

Tie a plastic bread sack around the base of your salami.

A guy I went to college with swears by this method. I always knew when he was gettin’ some 'cause the bread would be stacked vertically on the counter, with nary a bag in sight.

Make sure it’s not one of the ones that comes with holes in it though.

i wish i had that problem, i always seem to bust within about 2 minutes…

P-Dog…maybe you should be wearing two.

When I was with my ex, I used Durex Ultra Sensative (purple package). I had somewhat of a simliar problem and I found that that brand “felt good”…haha.

However, after testing and the ex going on the pill. Gone were the condoms. Its like two different worlds comparing the feeling of sex with condoms and without condoms.

my 2 cents: I wouldn’t go w/ the purple Durex Ultra Sensitives…superthin but I had 3 breakages out of about 50 sessions last summer and didn’t even realize until I was done. Some girls got pissed. Seemed like too often, I dunno what normal fault% is though.


Trojans have the highest breakage rate of condoms tested by Consumer Reports.
The lowest is Durex.

Never EVER wear two condoms at once, they will wear holes in each other.

The timing on this is perfect. Last night me and the wife went at it using a trojan and I guess some of the lubricant got down my pipe, don’t ask me how, anyway man does that burn! I can’t take a leak without if feeling like a flame thrower! Has anyone had a similar experience!? And no jokes 'bout the clap or whatever, we’ve been monogamous since day one, seven years ago.
In Faith, Billy

Billy - it may be the spermacide, that can be an bad irritant.

Speaking of which, spermacide is a mild numbing agent. That’s why you can’t feel as much when you are wearing a condom.

Sucks for you billy.

two condoms wear holes in each other and break? Never heard that before.

Dude, use the sponge. hahaha.

Yeah never double bag it.

Just make sure you don’t get the “extended pleasure” Trojans. They were created for the one pump chump and contain a numbing agent which reduces sensation in the johnson.

Note to the ladies: NEVER show up at your man’s house with one of these. I thought a friend of mine was going to assault this girl who thought had he had a problem lasting, when in actuality he just hadn’t gotten laid in a month. He has the whole “I’m a porn star” ego thing going on.

The butt.

Are the condoms fitting tight? I couldnt blow when using regular ones as they squeezed the ol johnston a little too much, switched to larges and it was a whole new ball game.

I bet she’s not complaining :slight_smile:


wideguy is right. You can’t make ass babies. Just give her the common courtesy of a reach-around.

two rubbers create friction and’ll fuck up your day. thats ill i got, never had any trouble otherwise