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Maybe someone can help me out. I am in my young twenties and have no trouble getting an erection. However, whenever the condom gets broken out, my guys gets soft. Any solutions?

Have her put it on. Works for me.

Would someone PLEASE invent a new STD prevention/birth control method which is NOT obtrusive? For the love of all humanity!

Well, there’s always that female condom insert thingie (forgot what it’s called), even though it’s more expensive than your usual pack of rubbers.

Break out the condom and go down on her. That will stiffen things back up. Once you’re ready again, put it on. Once you get good, you can put it while you’re under the covers teasing her.

What I find is a good idea is that you have to do it QUICKLY. You can practice at home to avoid embarrasement. During foreplay, while you’re still hard, open the packet. When you’re both ready and you’re at the height of your erection, CALMLY but quickly, take the condom out and slip it on, and holding the condom at the base, slip “it” in. After a few “reps” you should be fine and ready to go for much longer than you ever could without a condom :0)

I agree with letting her put it on for you.

You may be allergic to latex. This particular allergy can keep your soldier from salutin’. Look into it.

But,how can she put it on for me?? Sheep have no opposable thumbs??

Alright similar question but not exactly, i was with my girlfriend for almost a year and a half and could last for a half an hour, or sometimes up to an hour, we broke up like 6 weeks ago and needless to say i didnt hook up at all, seems the layoff took away my stamina, the past week or so i’ve been with a new girl, shes amazing to say the least, but i seem to have lost stamina, and last 5-10 minutes, any tips or tricks, wow that is embarrassing

I had a similar problem when i got back from advance leadership camp and ctlt. 8 weeks without any sexual contact. Basically I just started jackin’ more often Now I can last for an hour without a condom. Good luck.

You have sex “under the covers” ? What fun is that? I like to see what I’m doing.

Hahahaha i been tryin to as much as i can lately, especially right before i think i am gonna get, slowly gettin back into it, thanks man

I live in Edmonton. It’s not super cold these days, but it’s usually quite cold. Sure, the covers will come off eventually, but not right away!

They make those “for her pleasure” condoms, get them and put them on inside out. (This way they will be for your pleasure)

I heard Nicole Bass had the same problem.