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Condoms and Foreskin


This question is more directed at uncircumsized guys.Anyone ever have trouble with them falling off? I can't seem to use one for more than a couple minutes before it "works" its way off.
My penis is probably a little above average in length (7") and the condom fits very tight in girth.The condom seems to move back and forth on the foreskin so much that it pushes it off the end of my penis.Putting on the condom is also kinda difficult because the skin tends to bunch up so much.Just wondering if anyone has had a problem like this? I'm seriously considering getting circumsized.


I sometimes have the same problem. Without sounding like a braggart I'm also have the same "dimensions" as yourself and find it to be a problem sometimes. Condoms that usually specify to be made for someone "larger" seem to help that and obviously pull back your hood before putting on the condom. Not sure that really helps much, and I hope someone has a better answer. Happy stoogin.


"I'm seriously considering getting circumsized."

What the FUCK


Just train yourself to nut very quickly as I have done. If it falls off after 2 minutes, be finished by the 1 minute mark. Problem solved.


Dude, you don't need a condom to masturbate. Just wash your hands if you're worried about germs. Hope this helps.




Wow. Looks like my advice actually may have turned out to be the best so far. How sad.


dude join the rest of modern civilization and get schniped. most girls i've talked to about this don't like the looks of it.


My advice on condoms is... Don't use 'em!


Dude there is NO FUCKING WAY, I'd let a doctor cut off part of my "manhood". My father as a man (not religous reasons) new there was nothing normal about a doctor cutting off part of your dick. It's not natural.


I can't seem to find a condom big enough so I can't say that I have ever had that problem. I would suggest using a staple gun. That will keep it in place.

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As a second thought you may not be eolling it down far enough. Go until you see the serial numbers.

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lol, well i had no say in the matter but i'd rather be schniped than look like an ant eater.lol


use a ziplock and a rubber band. works in a pinch.


Wideguy: you are absolutely correct. If a doctor got ahold of your manhood, he would remove what little you have left posting on this message board.


Thanks Wideguy for a serious response.I have tried large condoms and they are a little better but I don't trust them.
To all you other guys - Piss off :slightly_smiling:


anteater...that's a classic morg!


oops! I meant mdog.


Uh...good one Dr. D-bag.


Did someone say something I was pissing Off Someone.

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P.S. - If you didn't like my response be glad you didn't ask how to get rid of crabs!