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Allright, i need some help here. Me and my girlfriend were doing it earlier and when i pulled out i saw that the condom was broken. I don’t know if any got in here or not, but i am seriously freaking out. The condom had spermicide on it so i don’t know if that relly helps or not. is there anything i can do or am i just completely fucked. does anyone know anything about those emergency contaceptive pills or if they are effective? she said her period should be starting in the next week or so. does that mean if she does have her period everything is cool?

Yeah, it’s called the Morning After Pill. You can get it from a doctor and your girfriend doesn’t have to tell her parents if that’s an issue. It does not abort, it simply prevents conception from taking place. It works around 80% effective the first day, and then declines with each day until day 3, aka dooms day. Good Luck!

Get her to go to a doctor and get the morning after pill - its (sometimes there are more than one pill) an emergency contraceptive. They are generally effective but must be taken within 48-72 hours after the incident so DO NOT WAIT FOR HER PERIOD. Don’t freak out too much - but one thing you should try to do next time is make sure the condom is still intact before you reach climax - that extra 5 seconds of trouble can save days of worries.

you better get you and your girlfriend to one of those clinics and ask if they have something she can take. Otherwise, congradulations on being a dad!

While the above advice is a good idea (orgasm CAN trigger ovulation), you are most likely outside her fertile time (which is a fairly narrow window). From what I remember, this time is usually 2 weeks after the START of her period, which is about a week ahead of your current situation. Use the above as a precaution, and in the future, double up during that time.

Make an appointment at the nearest Planned Parenthood. You have up to 72 hours after to use the morning after pill. It works well the sooner you use it.

Alright, everyone stop trying to scare the guy (jackasses!). Did you know that even people, PERFECTLY FERTILE people, who are TRYING to have kids, often have to try and try and try, continually schtupping for weeks or even months on end, before conceiving? You have to do it exactly during that narrow monthly window when she’s ovulating, and even THEN pregnancy is a bit of a long-shot, statistically speaking. I’m NOT saying there’s nothing at all to worry about, I’m just saying that the chances are WELL over 50% that she’s NOT pregnant. So do what you can, try to get her the morning-after pill in time, but even if you can’t, don’t have a coniption until you find out whether or not she gets her period (and yes, if she gets it you’re home free).

Nic - welcome to responsibility. I do agree that the chances of her becoming pregnant are slim. I have several friends that have been trying for years to get pregnant with no success. However, in my opinion, if you are having sex, you need to be prepared to reap the very real consequences - one of which is bringing a life into this world. Be a man.

Right, SOME people have trouble getting pregnant, others have no problem at all. My wife & I are the ones who don’t. Got it first try. Definitely not something to rely on, though I agree that the window is pretty narrow (on the order of 36 hours).

Agreed, I realize that it only takes one shot when the stars are aligned, and I didn’t mean to minimize that possiblity or the consequences. I was just saying that since it’s probably STATISTICALLY unlikely that the fish met the egg in any one instance, and given his obviously stressed-out state at present, he’d might as well breath a LITTLE easier with that in mind (while, of course, trying to get her the morning-after pill ASAP), and just wait and see. Once they’ve done everything they can to thwart it, there’s no sense in worrying about what you can’t control before you even know the results.

You may be in deep trouble. I can tell you for sure if you send me some pictures of her. :slight_smile:
Seriously, don’t even think about a condom for birth control. When I was living with my fiancee, we were going at it one nite, and it felt really good, much more so than usual. Found out why when we finished. The condom had ripped apart at the tip and was gathered at the base of my prick. We call him Shawn, and he is a great kid, in his 3rd year at Va Tech.
get her on the pill.

We are in agreement.

as a chick who has been thru this scary as hell experience: get her to a doctor and get morning after pill NOW. it is going to make her as sick as a dog but that is better than being prego. GO!

Damici, from what I’ve understood a woman becomes more fertile the closer she is to her “friend” showing up. I could be wrong and you could be correct though.

Here’s what I taught my kids: Condoms are for STD prevention, BC pills or the depo shot are for preventing babies. Use both.

It’s easier than you think to get pregnant. It happened both times to us on the first try (cycle). Some people are just fertile I guess.

Ok, after the longest 24 hours of my life it turns out that her period started this afternoon so everything is cool. Also, I ordered the morninig after pill off the internet this morning so it should be here tomorrow morning. i guess that will be good to just have around in case something like that should happen again, which it probably won’t because i am officially giving up sex until she goes on birth control. thanks for all of the replies. i was seriously freaking out the whole day today. when i got home from work i told her that i ordered the pills for her and she was like “oh, its ok, my period started this afternoon anyway”. that was such a relief. Man, sex is more trouble than it is worth.

When is the WORST time to have an accident like this? Just before or just after getting her period?

It actually amazes me the lack of knowledge you iron heads have of sex, birth control and the female reproductive system. This bozo did not even know if her period meant she wasn’t pregnant. Another idiot states totally incorrect facts about when a woman is fertile. Listen up muscle heads, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to know this stuff. Sex is not just sticking your ugly stick in a warm place. Get some friggin’ education about your favorite hobby or find a new hobby.

Dude, I hope she;s not lying to you just to trap you. You ought to get down and verify that she’s really bleeding :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I thought that a woman could still show up pregnant even if she gets her period a day or two after said incident. So, I would still be interested in taking the morning after pill. But at this point, you have already exceeded the 72-hour time limit. So it’s not gonna help now. She may have her period this month, but what if she doesn’t next month? Use condoms and birth control as someone else recommended.