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Conditions for Going Up Weight Classes

I hear it around my club every now and then that someone wants to go up a weightclass, but their coach doesnt let them because they haven’t acheived enough power for the weight they are at. The said person is not ‘fast’ enough.

Do you get this at your club? What do you think you should be acheiving before going up a weightclass?

I think it depends on the person’s structure. Before anyone considers going up in a weight class, they should first lose any unnecessary fat (assuming they aren’t going to 105kg+). For me, since I am 6’2" which is tall for Olympic lifting, it was hard for me to make weight at 94kg category, even if I didn’t have too much fat on for me.

If you can’t sustain 1.04 * Weightclass comfortably, it’s time you moved up a weight class. As my coach says, a 4% drop in weight to make it into your weight classes will not affect performance, but if you’re finding yourself cutting huge amounts of weight every competition, it’s time to move up a weight class. Being allowed to eat is a huge psychological and physiological boost.