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Conditions for breaking the rules?

WARNING: Please do not read any further if you are unable to keep your unrelated opinions, beliefs, morals, or other mental mastrubation dribblings to yourself. If you can please continue. Thanks.

As many of you may already know my birthday just past. Well about a week before my b-day my ex (who I almost married and have mentioned before, the one with several clinically diagnosed mental and physical disorders) called me. She told me she wanted to take me out for drinks and has a card for me. She’s moving to Cali. ( I’m not telling any of you dogs where so fuck yourselves) after X-mas and said she really wanted to see me. Well I figured I did spend more time with this girl in a relationship that any other since, and she was my first love so the civil thing to do is acceptt. With that beig said, I went out for drinks with her last night. At first things were about as comfortable as comfortable as a 1 cc of IP tren in the traps. She kept saying don’t be mean, you’re such an asshole. Then I realized maybe my gaurd was a little too up. So I lightened up. Well before you know it we’re talking about the past, present, and future, then back to the past. As if I even have to say where this is gonna go :slight_smile: For the next half an hour at that bar and then the next hour at the next bar we talked about what we both agreed we did best together. Things like “remember the time I blindfolded you, tied your arms behind your back, and gave you a lapdance, and dripped hot candlewax all over you”. Honestly, I tried to hold my composure but might have shown my hand a bit. Well her brother was at the next bar so luckily the potential fuckbomb that was about to explode was diffused. After the bar we wen to the dinner to eat and she lit the fuse back up with telling me how she’d like to see me naked now that I’m 3 years older and probably about 40 lbs of lbm. bigger. Then she started talking about wanting to see “stanley”. CHECK PLEASE! The ride back to my house was sort of uncomfortable and when she pulled into my driveway I knew she wanted me to invite her in. I wanted it too at the time but instead of asking I said “You want me to invite you in don’t you” (with a dickish grin)
she then came up with the moral deffense of how long she made me wait when we were dating. By the time I got into my bed I had 2 new text messages. What a surprise. Now I know this ? has come up before but not quite like this. I woke up this mornig sober and had doubts to say the least. She’s gonna leave in 2 weeks. SO to hit it or not not hit it, that is the question.

You know what to do, are you a man or are you a T-MAN?

yes of course hit. Why not she’s going away regardless…isn’t she.

Don’t just hit it - ruin that shit.

That’s 2 hit it’s to 1 don’t hit it.

I hit my ex. We had pretty long relatioship, 5 years (it was 3 years of good, I hadn’t seen or talked to her in quite sometime. She called me the day before Thanksgiving and invited me over to see her new place and to “talk” about stuff. I relucantly agreed. Wine was drank and the deed was done.

I don’t want to get back with her and she understands this. To be honest, I don’t want to have much contact with her. But now, she calls, texts and IMes me. “How was your day” conversations ensue while she rants on about her life and I sit there going huh-uh, oh yea and try not to be an asshole. With finals coming up, I have a great excuses to avoid her but unless I stop this it will just continue.

I wish I had never drank that wine. I wish I had never stayed the night and I wish that she would stop calling.

Your situtation is different but once the deed is done, it opens the doors back up and unless you want the relationship, friendship, whatever…leave her alone. Let the psycho go. Even if she is half a country away the phone calls, text messages and online chats still are dull, boring and riddle with mind numbing ex-estrogen. The sex is wonderful for one night but the cost is way to high. Go find yourself a one-night slut.

I’ll tell you that I wish I could have had played around with my masturbationary drippings on Thanksgiving rather than relationship building sex for a relationship that I thought was over and dead.

Good luck… 1 year of iffy, and a final year of hell).

Don’t hit it. If she’s as mental as it sounds, there’s nothing to say she won’t end up staying, thinking that you still dig her.
Think about in terms of an alcoholic. You finally broke that bad habit, been clean and sober for three years, now you’re contemplating another drink. You think you can handle it because you’re in control now, but really it’s no good for you, man. You’re automatically resetting yourself back to “Day 1”.
Stick to your other addictions, namely college girls, and bar girls. (Which is enough for anybody)

Then again, I could be wrong…

I would hit it unless its going to cause some weird shit…if you can both leave eachother after…just casual sex go for it. Hit it once for the T-men everywhere

sex with your ex is always the best.

hit hit it hard hit hit thru the floor. Exsex is the best sex!

Break her in half and make her cry. Godspeed my friend

Not too sure, been getting text messages off the hook. “I had a great night last night” “I’m going to miss you almost more than anything” “How about I come by work while you’re delivering tonight and give you some road head?” Just kidding about the last one although it was implied. I’ve been seeing 2 other girls as it is and been keepin them filled in on the ex-factor but I think crossing the line is probably gonna be a bad idea. She sure sucks a MEAN DIIIIACK though and takes the backside beatins in her round brown town. In fact while I don’t entirely beleive her she says I’m the only guy she let hit where the good lord split.

wide, and why not? c’mon now, i’d hook you up if roles were reversed.

ok after reading your last post you better pm me something.lol
i’d have to agree and say don’t hit it. could be a trap if you do. oh guess what? i don’t have to move now, lets be together pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.lol

That’s EXACTLY the kind of trickery I’d expect from that trick.LOL BTW if you were to hit it you’d need to tie a 2X4 across your ass so you don’t fall in. Why do you think my name is wideguy?

do you have a current girlfriend?

wide lol
i’ll tie a rope around my waist and have p-dog play tug a war.lol

I don’t see any rules in the way here.

I do see an expensive piece of ass though. If you’re willing to suffer the negative consequences, and there will be some, then go for it.

If it was me I’d stay clear. She’s an ex for a reason.


Get the head, dont return the favor then leave. If she asks y or begs for it just say “I think that would take us to an emotional level that I dont want to go with your” or some other B.S. Therefore you havent officially hit anything, no ex sex by bill clintons defintion, and you still got your nut.

Yes I know I am genius. Send me her number and we’ll call it even

I agree with BenTyson. Fuck that shit up, knock the bottom out of it, then shoot it in her eye and tell her have fun in Cali.