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How many of ye do it? I have no acess to a coach or will have for 2-3months so im working on my own and i was wondering what place it has in an oly lifters program? If it matters im coming from a purely oly lifitng side and hoping to compete.

Also this may have been asked before but im a special little snow-flake.


If you mean conditioning like running, that's not going to help your weightlifting total. But you should be "conditioned" for the olifts in the sense that you can do say 2 near max lifts with relatively little rest, because that is something that you could possibly encounter in competition.



i have enough trouble recovering as it is. i do triples for conditioning. sometimes. squat a set with 6 reps. shit like that. lol.

edit. yeah. you need to be conditioned enough to be able to do 6 max / near max attempts for competition. worst case you only get 2 minutes to recover between lifts for three singles.


I'm not great with short rests...I can battle out 5-6 max attempts on the Sn after maxing my FS out. I literally have about 1-2 max attempts on the C&J. I either get it first time or I don't get it. I NEVER get a PB after failing the Jerk at the new limit weight. I can Clean about 10kg more then my best C&J. I can dig deep for the Clean but I don't quite have the strength to dig for the Jerk. After a gut buster of a Clean I have NOTHING left for the Jerk. But when I jack up my FS a bit it'll give me more over head for it.

I don't do any conditioning. I pretty much only do singles and only a double for FS on the 2 drop down sets at the end of my session.

Conditioning is over rated. As long as you can FS to max, Sn at max for about 3x attempts and C&J for about 2-3attempts at limit your good enough to go imo.

In the instances you have to follow yourself for the C&J your f0cked as it's pretty dam impossiblel to hit a PB and then another PB with 2mins rest (+20/30seconds with loading etc)...



Is there any correlation between your ability to recover between sets and between training sessions with your cardiovascular fitness?

From what I've seen (athletes in training camps), no matter what the sport is, there's always conditioning in the program. By conditioning I mean things like aerobic activities (running), dynamic stretching, bodyweight exercises, agility exercises, etc.


Conditioning is obviously useful for other sports but oly lifitng is pretty unquie so i was just wondering?


Overrated for Oly or in general?


I guess you (weightlifters) can get away without it but it seems that conditioning is pretty standard fare when it comes to sport. I do feel better though in general when I'm fit enough to not panting when walking up through a flight of stairs to the 3rd floor for example.


I do conditioning 1-2x a week, for about 10 or so mins. Nothing huge. I'm smart about it though... I'm not going out and running miles on end or sprinting, I actually push the prowler (not 'til I puke) or do forward/backward sled drags. There's no eccentric so it's really not hard at all to recover from. I also tend to store fat on my thighs and glutes, so the prowler definitely helps with that (by more vascularization to the area and releasing more fatty acids into the bloodstream or some shit that Thib once said, lol).


I can't imagine dropping my conditioning. I think I would be stronger and gain muscle if I did but I'd also gain fat pretty quick. I have a big lag between my lifts and my strength right now anyway. I cut it way back since I've focused on oly lifting and gained over 10 lbs right away. I'm also old so I worry about heart health. If I were much younger I'd cut back on the conditioning more and go up in weight I think.


I would think jumping rope would not only help conditioning, but also work the nervous system and aid in Oly lifting. I would probably look at some Tabata type workouts.. short but intense. This will give you some conditioning benefits, while not taking anything away from your explosiveness.


Conditioning? You guys do realise the lifts are about 2-2.5seconds with about 0.1-0.2seconds of max power right?

The conditioning is immaterial to Oly training. As long as you can actually do 3-4 max attempts on the Sn, 3-4 max attempts on the C&J you have all the conditioning you will ever need. You don't need to be able to do anything else. This is is the barebones of it all.

If you want to do conditioning great, but don't fool yourself that it will add anything to your lifts. Your better off sleeping an extra hr or napping. Or doing more FS. Anytyhing else will wear you out.



The concern is if conditioning improves your general health/fitness, does it indirectly improve your max lifts? I'm also curious if better cardiovascular fitness improves your recovery between sets/training sessions.

Did you ask Abadjiev about his stance on cardiovascular fitness or conditioning?

I think I've read one of Dave Tate's articles here on T-Nation that he now recommends to do some conditioning work because it has improved his general health and he now generally feels better.


Yeah I know you're right and it won't help my lifting. Hopefully it won't be too long until I can lift weights that actually tire me! :slight_smile: I do keep the conditioning light--just walking or light running. Anything more than that does wear me out. If my maxes were heavy enough (hard enough) I'd probably cut back on the conditioning more.

What do you do if you need to cut your weight?


General conditioning will help your general help and fitness but thank f0ck that isn't required in Olifting!

No better way to get your recovery between sets better then to actually just hammer the lifts over and over again. Nothing will provide the muscle stress and body stress as lifting does. Remember our sport doesn't really depend on the heart pumping around the body like in CV sports or even anaerobic sports. Ours is all fueled by ATP and anaerobic.

Yes conditioning would improve Dave Tates health, so would taking recovery days off when training on the Bulgarian system and not pounding heavy weights over and over again. Doesn't mean it would be better for your goal to lift more.

No uncle did not say this. He would just rather have his athletes sleep more.



Why don't you go heavier? Your videos look good. Don't be scared to start smashing it.

Fridays cut
-only eat lunch
-drop water in take to 2 cups a day with one cappucino (got to stay awake at work)
-sauna 45mins in 4 bouts (15mins, 15mins off, 10mins, 10mins off etc)
-20mins steam room in two 10min bounts

Weighed in at 89.9kg. I just cut water and food out. I did feel smashed the day before on the sauna but my bro was cutting as well so we had someone to keep us going. It's tough dropping water weight now that I'm older and more solid. Before it would just pour out of me and the fact that haven't had to cut in 3yrs didn't help!

I wouldn't bother cutting for your first comp though. Just get some lifts in and go mental on your 3rd lifts :smiley:

Thats what I do. I just starve and dehydrate.



when i was lifting 5 times a week, taking short rests was kind of necessary with all the exercizes. Add to that plenty of doubles and triples cleans and it didn't take too long to stop feeling like my cardio endurance was getting in the way of lifts. After one month of ... smashing it up like koing would say you get very easily used to it.

heavy triple cleans was the best to build it up IMO or doubles heavy clean and jerks.

do some of those for 3 weeks with 2 mins rest at the most and I'm sure you'll then start finding singles a piece of cake in this regard.


When I was still wrestling, I knew wrestlers who would "train" their bodies to sweat leading up to a big competition. They'd just spend time in a sauna/steam room after practice with a big bottle of water, sweating their balls off, so when it came time to make weight and sit in that sauna without a bottle of water they'd be sweating like crazy. I never did it, and don't know for sure if it actually works physically, but they may have been onto something (even if it was only a mental thing).

Agreed. Your first competition shouldn't be so much about the results as just getting out there and getting some experience on a competition platform. No need to add making weight on top of everything else you'll be doing for the first time. Just compete at whatever weight you're walking around at (I didn't haha, but again, I was transitioning from wrestling so dropping weight wasn't a huge deal).

I do something very similar (although I prefer to think of it as "dieting down" and "managing my fluid intake") though I would caution against overdoing it. I know I don't need to tell you Koing (I can remember your frustrations a few years back being stagnant while trying to stay in the 85s) but figured I'd mention it anyways. With a 2 hour weighin you only have so much time to recover nutrients/fluids, and if you're severely carb depleted and/or dehydrated when it comes time to step on that platform, you will lift shitty. I bombed out at nationals at least partly because I somehow ballooned up to 112.5 10 days out, and then weighed in at 104.0 on competition day (by the time the competition was over and I was back at the hotel and had had dinner I was back up to 108-109 haha).


As for the topic of conditioning (in the sense of running, biking, etc etc) I will agree with others here that it will not help you lift more. Will conditioning help you be healthier? Probably. But I'll say I don't necessarily think you need to be healthy to lift huge weights. I believe there is a health/performance dichotomy when you get to a certain level in any sport. None of us may ever hit that level, and so it may not be a bad idea to do some conditioning so that we remain healthy while pursuing our weightlifting goals, seeing as none of us are likely to win gold medals at the olympics or wolrd championships anytime soon. But that's up to the individual to decide. Just don't do it thinking it'll directly help you lift more.

I will also say that I think you need to be able to hit those 3 max attempts with short rest in competition though. As I mentioned in my above post, I bombed out at nationals this year, following myself for all 3 attempts in the clean and jerk. Made all 3 cleans (though they got progressively harder), had the first 2 jerks called for pressouts and just didn't have enough gas left for the last jerk. You don't want that to happen.


I do conditioning 'cuz I want to. simple as that.

However, Thib mentioned that he had his best months of Oly lifting when he was doing sled drags.

I think high-handler prowler pushes for 15m, really really heavy, can also benefit certain Oly lifters.