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Conditioning Work


I work as a postman, I walk on average 8-12 miles a day, 5 days a week. Follow 531 so work out 4 days a week.

When we delivery we carry pouches, anywhere from 5-15kgs.

I am at the moment cutting for summer, so continuing with my 531 as I’ve been running it for over two years, still trying to gain strength if not at least maintain.

However I have started doing additional light jogs in the evening after work and training, roughly 300 cals over 20-30 minutes, it’s very light but still decent conditioning,

So my question is do you think I need a weighted vest due to my job, would getting a weighted vest be beneficial for my light jogs?

*I try to do the extra cardio to keep my heart healthy, plus allow me to burn some more calories, which in return helps with the cut or I replace those calories with food, theory behind is I get to eat more so I am getting in more nutrients whilst still eating at a deficit, Thanks.