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Conditioning Work Plus Weightlifting?

I have finally found a hardcore gym near where I live where I can olympic lift. And now I finally have the means to hire a coach that has experience competing state wide and nationally and has been certified as weightlifting coach.

I am about 7 weeks into my weightlifting journey and have already lost about 8 pounds so far just from doing the weightlifting workouts. I am very far off from competing but would like to drop down to the 109 kilo weight class and have about 18 lbs to go. Has anyone lost a significant amount of fat while training as a weightlifter and how did you go about it? What kind of conditioning is good for weightlifting that doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the lifts?

I have been tracking my macros more consistently and have an app that helps me track throughout the day diet wise.

Yes, but I can’t speak from personal experience, only others.

Weightlifting is the best conditioning for weightlifting, and by that I mean the lifts. Use singles, doubles, maybe some triples, for the classic lifts. Maybe more triples with power snatches and power cleans, over head stuff. press, push press, power jerk. I stay in a 3-8 rep range for squats, triples for front squats.

By conditioning, I think you mean exercises to help you lose weight, right? Anything you do from an exercise standpoint, “conditioning” for weight loss, will be detrimental to the lifts. You’re looking at focusing on the lifts in training and diet for weight reduction.

Since you’re a long way out from competing, take it slow and gradual. An easy way is to cut dairy, sugar and gluten. Good luck.