Conditioning Without Spoiling Gains

Recently I’ve been working hard on my athletism and ive been doing it through weights, i followed the westside for skinny bastards template for about 8 weeks, except i did 2 legs day instead of 1 the 2nd day was alot lower on volume, i did split squats instead of squats cause at 6’7" tall regular squats are kind of hard for me to do, the gains have been really good im stronger, faster, and a bit quicker,

my game has totally changed, during the bball season i averaged 4ppg and 6boards, now were playing summer league and its the same competition we play during the regular season i mean the same teams, and right now im averaging 15.5ppg, and 12 boards a game and even had a few dunks, ive gotten so much stronger now im not scared of going up and throwing it down on someones face, even though im not that explosive just yet,

in the games i get so tired im really out of shape, i get so tired so what im wondering what can i do to get in better shape will i keep getting the same results, my season is 5 months away and i want to keep getting stronger, and more explosive any tips

Look at CT’s ‘Running Man’ article.