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Conditioning Without Prowler and Hills?


I am currently doing 4 day of 531.
Monday Tuesday Thursday and friday

If I want to integrate conditioning but I don’t have access to a prowler or steep hills in vicinity, would it be OK to add something like this?

On leg days do some short runs and Farmer carries.
Would it be OK to do bodyweight push-ups, squats, jump squats burpees etc as part of conditioning In form of Hiit on Wednesday and Saturday? Or would that be too taxing for recovery?

Thx for any help on this

Jim wrote an article about indoor conditioning using bodyweight circuits, skipping and treadmills. Give it a squizz

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What are “leg days”? You would need to tell what program you’re running if you want anyone knowledgeable to be able to help you with conditioning.

Kettlebell swings are good conditioning. Short sprints on grass or sidewalk and jump rope are also good