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Conditioning with 5 3 1

In the book it talks about being NOV. You hear so much about conditioning but I honestly do not know how to define it. I also don’t know where to start with conditioning. Any advice from anyone? These probably seem like dumb ass questions to most of you.

I am fairly new here, but from what ive read Jim advocates workouts that aren’t steady state cardio.

Basically don’t do your cardio on the treadmill or bike.

Jim advocates workouts that are the best “bang for your buck” do real work.

Run up hills, pull things (sleds weighted vests) I’m sure even playing a sport would be acceptable.

Obviously I cant answer for Jim but this is what ive gotten from the book.

Also incase you aren’t aware conditioning is your work capacity.

If you are conditioned well you can do more work, shitty condition = shitty work output = shitty progress.

Start with jumping rope between assistance sets. Do sprints on rest days if you can, start at 60% OT so, something like 10 times 40-50 yards, only resting to walk to the start. Go for walks. Go for walks carrying something on you back.

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As others have said, Jim advocates hill sprints, prowler pushes, and jumping rope. He’s also got several articles on t-nation about suggested conditioning practices. I’d suggest starting there.

You might also look at the book Tactical Barbell 2. I’ve been using it for more variety, and I like it. Just a suggestion.

We have a variety of conditioning programmed for 531: running is the biggest, Prowler and AirDyne. The latter is “easy” comditioning and recommended for everyone. Prowler and running are good but not for everyone - all of these are programmed for each and every cycle and will change depending on what you do.

Hills and stairs are awesome but programming is 100% impossible.

It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to focus on hard conditioning then lifting will have to take a back seat. If you want to get really strong and put on some muscle that will have to be your focus. Doing two at the same time is damn near impossible.

“If you want to focus on hard conditioning then lifting will have to take a back seat.”

I hear this so much but I am happy to say I have never experienced it personally. I drag my sled, push prowlers at my gym, run hills, walk with a 60 lb vest, and run sprints (albeit on a treadmill as I like to look at girls).
I try not to do the hills too close to squats or deads, i.e. 24-48 hrs. away (they do take it out of me, but that’s not hard to work around) - and I generally drag my sled the day after squat/deads, but i have never suffered a strength loss that I can recall or can pin specifically on conditioning.

Try it and see how YOU respond

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In one of the books or articles, Wendler mentioned how Kroc rows helped him with improving his deadlift. He closed the section with “find your Kroc row”. I’ve taken that approach with conditioning.

I like hills and starts. My wife likes 20m shuttles with 10 second intervals. When we go to the pool, I sprint 25s while she does 100s.

We also do other conditioning as needed with varying levels of loathing.

Some athletes respond to 400s, or 200s, or 100s, or various intervals. Some set time goals, or try to complete a certain number of reps, or just plain do it with no watch.

I know this is vague and just echoing what others wrote. I think the bottom line, like, bare minimum, is to find what conditioning you like the most, or hate the least, and build from there.

My apologies, my intentions were posting this observation on conditioning here versus the other thread from the postman.

I have found swimming, of late, to be another nice thing to mix into my conditioning. For me it’s a practical thing to be able to swim given I reside on an island and being in the Army we do a lot of pounding pavement as it is.

One combination of swimming and bodyweight circuit I used today, for instance was this one (derived from a magazine I read called Recoil magazine).

6 Rounds:

50m swim
20 push-ups or 15 dips or 20 flutter kicks

(I alternate which exercise each round, so I got two rounds each of flutter kicks, dips, and push-ups).

Another is the swim ladder consisting of the following:

Swim 25m
Tread water for 30-60 seconds
Swim 50m
Tread water for 30-60 seconds
Swim 75m
Tread water for 30-60 seconds
Swim 100m
Tread water for 30-60 seconds
Repeat as many times as desired starting at 25m, do not pyramid.