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Conditioning while on Deload Week

I’m done with my first 6 weeks (5-3-1-5-3-1) and on my first “deload” week. Do you cut the intensity of the conditioning as well or keep it at normal levels?

I compete in strongman, and main goal is staying at 231.4 while increasing strength.

I cut the intensity, frequency and duration of conditioning. Basically, I aim to put in half as much effort as normal… enough to get the heart rate up and the muscles warm, but not so much as to add training stress.

You’re a goddamn Strongman! Sleep with hot chicks and chew sunflower seeds.

On a serious note, do some manly walking with a weighted vest a few days per week.

When you deload, most of the work should be recovery based. So aim towards recovery work (4x30-40 minutes of AirDyne work).

Personally I don’t deload, I just take a week off entirely. I time it up with vacation times (1 week over the summer, 1 week in December, 1 week around Easter.
My training is intense enough that I always feel borderline over-trained and ready for a complete break 3 weeks/ year.

Going low intensity helped out big time. I lost 3 pounds this week (245 -242, aiming to walk around 225/230), and my body feels fresh for event training tomorrow.

To anybody cutting weight while on 5-3-1 , imo, deload every 3 weeks . I took this first cycle 6 weeks and felt miserable and weak week 6.
I hit PRs, but felt like crap.

The good news is, i’m hitting PRs and cuting weight at the same time!

Thank You Jim,