Conditioning While Doing The Frequency Project

I have just went through a cycle of the Frequency Project from the Beyond 5/3/1 book. With my schedule being very erratic it was exactly what I needed to keep a focus on my training. It was suggested in the programming of this that there would be no conditioning but I was wondering how you could put a conditioning component in there too. Since the workouts are divided into upper/lower kind of thing I was thinking of maybe just doing some hill sprints or prowler work as assistance work on the squat and/or deadlift days.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

[quote]obrnpwrlftr wrote:
It was suggested in the programming of this that there would be no conditioning[/quote]
And so it should be, for good reasons (recovery is a big priority when following this particular template).

I really wouldn’t do much more than a good walk at a brisk pace on lower body days.

I understand that and that’s why I was suggesting REPLACING the assistance work with conditioning. I am sure just adding conditioning would be a disaster but if I used it in place of the assistance work it may work. Just thinking about it at this point.

If anything, conditioning during this should be “easy” recovery work, ideally AirDyne or weight vest walks. If one wants to do harder conditioning work, I would suggest other templates that factor that in.