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Conditioning to Lean Up


Hey all,

Along with wendler, I want to do some conditioning and lean up a little bit. Jim recommends a few things, but as a college student, many aren't exactly realistic. So I've narrowed my options down to simple sprints, or weighted walks. The problem I have with the walks is I only have a backpack to do this, not an actual weighted vest. I just wanted some opinions on how each have worked for you, and which you recommend. Thanks!


If you want to get a little leaner, just alter your diet to fit that goal. Heavy lifting 3-4 days a week plus a diet geared for such, will get you pretty lean without any conditioning at all.

Sprint for conditioning and athleticism, diet for leaning out. Conditioning certainly helps with getting leaner, but it’s hard to out-run a shitty diet.

I would sprint rather than the backpack just because being able to sprint is a hell of a lot cooler than looking like you just take a lot of classes.


I’d say do a little of both, sprint and walking. I personally enjoy walking on days when I just feel beat. For example, when I hit squats a whole lot and the next day just feel a bit drained I think walking is great. When feeling strong and enthused, then sprinting is my thing. All in all, I go with how my body feels.

I prefer uphill sprints of about 15-20 yrds of moderate incline. When walking I usually do it at home as I have a treadmill and go about 2.7mph on a 4-6 degree incline. I use the treadmill/walking in the morning in a fasted state as I wake up at 4:00am and can’t leave the house - I have a kid sleeping and can’t leave her alone. Other days I enjoy outdoor walking just leisurely or up a steep hill I have near my home.

Or, pick up a jump rope - you can get a quick, but intense workout for sure if you do intervals of varying speed/time.


Sprints are fine.

These are good also…


Who is doing Wendler? He’s such a dirty slut.

If you want to be in better condition, do more work. If you want to “lean up” let that be a side effect of training for greatness. I have no idea how to “get lean” only how to be better. I would consult John Meadows for diet advice - that would be the direction you need to be pointed.


I went to Home Depot and bought 2 x 50lb bags of sand, and then to Kmart for a $30 large back pack. Now all I have to do is walk my dogs. I get cut weight and be hero - not a bad deal.