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Conditioning Thread from Sherdog

This thread was started by Joel Jamieson of EndZone Athletics, hence the name “EZA”.

He’s a strength and conditioning trainer who is working or has worked in the past with various MMA athletes such as Chris Leben, Rich Franklin and Mach Sakurai.

His website is under construction but here’s an article from it that covers his training approach:


Now the thread is 47 pages long (as I make this post), and I haven’t read it all, but it is worth a look for those interested in a technical approach to conditioning training. You can always register on Sherdog and ask him a question.

Oh, he gets bashed pretty hard for the first few pages, but then people get that he’s not some random making claims.

I’m bumping this because his site is up and working.

Here’s a link to his forum:


Pretty legit stuff. Bump.

Good info. thanks for posting

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