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Conditioning & Strength


Is it posible to do strength & conditioning programs at the same time?

I currently do 5/3/1 4x per week & regular cardio (run or eliptical) 5 x week

I want to get my cardio up to snuff so I can run about 4 miles in about 35min while doing some obstacles

My plan is to do Rush fit (its like hight intensity bodyweight or light stuff non stop for 30-45min) probably 3 x week, then run 4miles 3x week.

I'll probably do weight training 1st and cardio later in the day so my lifting gets the best energy

Goals 1) Improve cardio endurance 2) Shed fat 3) increase strength

Of course I'll eat sufficient cals...Is this too ambitiouse?


If its just body weight, then it won't improve your strength.

Could try replacing the 5x weekly running with the Rushfit thing. Will be more than sufficent cardio


Ive been having great success with S & C together with Alpha's Warrior Athlete program


Whats that?

So do you do weight training and cardio stuff at different times?



He hasnt updated it in a while, but Im still running through them. All of the workouts are a pain in the ass, but Im still pulling PR's all the time.


I would suggest buying a sledgehammer and a tractor tyre, some kettlebells and having a blast on your non lifting days. Try sprints in a weighted vest or a few hard rounds with a heavy bag. There is nothing like letting out some aggression in your cardio work.