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Conditioning Soccer

Hi, I am currently in off season and I would like some help to improve my conditioning, I play as full back and I am using Westside skiny bastards 3 as my strenght trainning.

My exercises:

Morning: 3 hours of soccer practice alone.

Max-Effort Exercise
Incline barbell bench press 3 reps

Supplemental Exercise
DB bench inclined ball  2 sets of max reps

Horizontal pulling / Rear delt superse
Chest supported rows 12
Rear delt flyes 3 12

Barbell shrugs 3 15

Elbow flexor exercise 
DB curls 3 12

Morning: 3 hours of soccer practice alone

Anaerobic trainning

Morning: 3 hours of soccer practice alone

Jump training
Vertical jumps 5 sets 3 pulos

Unilateral exercise 
Barbell reverse lunge front foot elevated 3 sets 10 reps

Hip extension exercise
Romanian deadlift 3 sets 12 reps

Morning:3 hours soccer practice alone for 3hours

Anaerobic trainning


Repetition Exercise
DB bench press on Swiss ball ( 3 sets max )

Vertical pulling / Rear delt superset â??
Pusll ups + Face Pull ( 3 sets 12 repetitions)

Medial delts 
DB lateral raises 3 sets 12 repetitions

Traps / Arms superset
Barbell shrugs +DB curls 3 sets 8 reps


Morning: 3 hours of soccer practice alone

Squats peso maximo 5 repetions sets até não conseguir completar 5 repetitions

Barbell reverse lunge, front foot elevated 3 12

Dead lifts 3 12

Aerobic conditioning on threadmill.

I have 1 hour to do anaerobic trainning, I found a trainning routine on the internet but i don´t know if I can do with westise skiny bastards 3, the link for the routine is here:

What do you think? how can I improve my routine to imrpove my conditioning?

My anaerobic trainning is:
exercise 1
I run (12x15 yd; then resting 30 seconds than running 9x30 yd rest 30 second and run 12x15 yd thats 1 set, I am doing 3 set resting 2 minutes between them

exercise 2: Run from one sideline to the other, but alternate by doing a sprint, then jog back; sprint
then jog back. 6 reps 30 seconds rest between them

why not contact a soccer coach and get a workout plan from him???

At first look, this seems like a hell of a lot of training for the legs. I would suggest you use the original 3 day WS4SB template.

What are you doing for 3 hours by yourself? I would suggest you put in your anaerobic stuff on these days, instead of splitting it up to where you are running 8 times a week.

For example:

Monday- Practice/Conditioning and Max Effort Upper
Tuesday- Practice/Conditioning
Wednesday- Rest (stay off your legs!)
Thursday- Max Effort Lower and Conditioning (make the conditioning a shorter session, not 3 hours)
Friday- Practice/Conditioning and Rep Effort Upper
Saturday- Rest or Shorter Conditioning Session
Sunday- Rest (Off your legs!)

With the training week set up like this, you will have a full day of recovery before your lower body day, you could also do Tuesday’s session in the morning to stretch out the recovery period. You will also rest on the weekend, because proper recovery is vital to your success.

For the shorter sessions, these should be conditioning only and much shorter than the Practice/Conditioning days. Think 30 minutes, not 3 hours.

What the hell are you doing for 3 hours?!?!


why do folks post on a site like this when they want specific sports info??? i look at workout sites just to read peoples quetions and their goals and workouts…as a cyclist, if i want spercific cycling info, i sure wouldnt go to a conditioning site … i would go to a cycling coach…