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Conditioning - Simple Questions from a Noob


1). I'm currently running the original 5/3/1 template but with my squats as first movement of the week and deadlift as third. For no other reason than I've always squatted first thing in the week, as far as I can remember. Would doing conditioning on the Wendesday or the Sunday be an issue. i work on Saturdays most of the time. Should I switch to the original Wendler layout? Could I expect my squat to suffer as a result?

2). My gym has a prowler, albeit not a massive one, it has one weight stacking pole but it's not very high. The gym has no rope either and I don't know where to get any for a reasonable price. So sadly sled pulls may be off the table bar a miracle. Would this be worse than punching Mother Theresa?

3). I'm what they call a "hard gainer" I suppose. I have a hard time adding weight and muscle mass due to not being naturally built for such things. I've made reasonable progress and still want to go further. The allure of big bicepticals is overpowering ok. Can I expect conditioning to hinder these goals? Or am I being a silly young grasshopper missing a damning piece of information?


I’m doing the original 5/3/1 and also squat mondays, bench wednesdays, press/deadlift on Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll push my prowler.

I sometimes deviate and squat on Sunday or move things around as needed depending on what my upcoming week (workwise) has in it.

If you are going to condition after squats or what have you, ease into it and slowly add the volume. I started with an empty sled, moved on to the prowler challenge, and have recently worked up to 230 lbs on the prowler for 6 trips on my conditioning days.

Most hardgainers just don’t eat enough. If you drink protein drinks, add olive oil to them. If you use light tasting oil, you won’t taste it. An easy way to add calories.