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Conditioning/Recovery for a Gray Hair?


I am an older trainer (57) and have been using 531 for approximately 5 years. I own the original 531, 2nd edition,beyond and powerlifting editions. I have been training since 1973 and followed multiple programs through the years. A.ways trained naturally and compete in a local PL meet yearly as a fund raiser. Belt and wraps. I did compete a bit in the mid 1980s, 515/385/540 was my best meet.

Currently I am using 75/85 volume work and have for the last 2 or so years.
My question is I am having a difficult time maintaining a decent base of conditioning the last 6 or so months. I typically walk several miles on non lifting days or pull a sled. My days of running are long gone. In the past this has worked well yet I am having a harder time recovering. Certainly it’s not a ball buster , yet I feel all I am doing is recovering and my general fitness for my training is going down. I try to keep about 2-3 minutes max between work sets and superset all the other movements for the day. After the main exercise its all quick and easy stuff.

As background 6 ft/225 , I base my training off 455/335/525 as I can hit these numbers most any day if I want to work up to a single. I use 1 arm standing DB press as my overhead movement, it’s easier on my shoulders. I take 85% of the above numbers for my “training max”. I work up to about 95% , then cycle back down, then work up again for the yearly meet. I see people talk about the 5/3 here and what I am have been doing is similar .

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
Thank you.


I should add my week is 10 days. Every other day lift then 2 days off.
Also a thank you to Mr. Wendler for keeping strength training simple and accessible. Looking forward to your next book.


Perhaps incorporate some 30 min stationary bike time as it is easier on the joints, or add a weighted vest to your walking. I live in a mountainous area so I like to hike as well for conditioning. If you have the time try to do some form of conditioning daily.


Best things to do:

  • Cardio work that is very easy on the body - the AirDyne is your best bet. 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes.

  • Recovery protocols - see diet, sleep and 5/3/1 Active Recovery.

  • Conditioning should NOT be Prowler or something similar. This would be a step in the wrong direction.


Thank you. No plans for the prowler or any such stuff.
I also live in a hilly region of the USA and get some light hiking in, day stuff.
Thanks to all for the thoughts and feedback.


Jim - I am curious as to why no prowler for him?
I am pushing 50 and mix it in with a sled and sprinting regularly. I didn’t see any mention of an injury, etc…
Just curious- that’s all


Check out his question, his real question and then tell me if adding more stress to the situation is the best thing for him. It has nothing to do with his age, well, maybe a little, and EVERYTHING to do with addressing the problem.

99% of the time this can be addressed with proper aerobic work, sleep or diet. I’d even say 100%.

Prowler is the exact opposite of what should be prescribed.