Conditioning Questions

So I’m preparing for football and I’m gonna start doing some conditioning to get ready for it. I’m starting my first year of JV and I play halfback btw. I am currently doing Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Here are the exercises I am thinking of including.

-Sprints(Under 20 yards)
-Hill Sprints
-Box Jumps for reps
-Pushing a lawn mower around.
-Sled Dragging (would putting some weights in a duffle bag work as a makeshift sled?)

Thats pretty much all I can think of right now. My question is should I do these on the same days as I workout or on the off days? From what I’ve heard you’re supposed to do sprints on the same day you workout, and you can do sled dragging on any day. Also are there any other good exercises I can do and should I add in more lateral movements?

Thanks in advance

If you are shooting for general physical preparedness, you can just do some tempo runs on your off-days.

GPP is a goal of mine but I would also like to increase my sprinting speed.

Well an increase in sprinting speed and GPP are pretty different goals. If you really desire to increase sprinting speed, drills such as flying sprints, hollow sprints, resisted acceleration, and just straight up sprinting with adequate rest periods is probably what you should be doing.

Check out the Strength & Speed Template of WS4SB. It is designed for guys in exactly your situation.

Do you do at least some form of sprinting year round? As a half back, speed will be more important than strength at your level. Both will come in time. Be sure to do some form of sprint training all year, if you play basketball too, good.

Hill sprints, pulling a light sled, overspeed sprints, and normal sprinting should help you at this point. Why 20 yards or less for distances? Why not up to 40,60, or 80 at times?

As previously mention for speed development rest between sprints. Don’t forget your dynamic warm up!

Zig-zags? Accelerate for 10 yards turn 45 to 90 degrees, accelerate for 10 yards, turn, repeat…

I play a lot of sports year round and we always do sprints at practice, but I’ve never done sprints outside of practice as training. The reason for the shorter sprints is because I read somewhere that when your just starting out you should do shorter distances, am I right about this?

With Starting Strength I’m doing heavy squats 3x a week and deadlifts 1-2x a week. Should I do the sprints on on or off days?