Conditioning Progression

I have once again realized that I am by far not as conditioned as I’d like.
I have read some cool stuff about challenges in another thread in this category of the forum but my question isn’t about finding challenges. I rather want to know how do you measure your conditioning status and progress? Do you use some kind of indicators (like for strength for example deadlifts, log press, whatever)? And if so what might be good indicators?
Also I am interested in how you include your conditioning work into your routine?
I for example am lucky if I getto train 4 times a week, often I only get 3 times and am not sure how to go about it.
I am talking about general strongman/ “functional” conditioning without preparing for a specific event/ contest.
And in case someone wants to suggest that: running is completely out of the picture. Sprints seem okay but with my running technique and body weight there is nothing that wrecks me as much as long distance running.

Thanks in advance and let me know if I was unclear about anything or if you need further information.

The grwat thing about conditioning is that ot doesnt have to be dpecific like lifting, so anything that elevates your heartrate will help. These are some things I do that are very effective:
Carry sandbags or rocks up stadium stairs
Sledge Hammer a tire
Chase girls
Farmers or yoke carries for long durations.

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If you have a prowler load it with enough weight to push it for 30 seconds and then take 15 seconds rest, then go again straight away. Start off trying 5 sets of this and try to work up to 10. Thank me later.

1 prowler, 3 blue plates
15m of track

As fast as possible: Push it, pull it back (backwards), push it, pull it back (backwards).

Do 5 sets.

This is seriously puke worthy plus has given me the best leg pump of all time. When you no longer feel like dying at the end, you’ve progressed.

I like the sound of that.

Damnit, I kept meaning to reply to this thread and then kept forgetting.

I have no real logical progression to conditioning. I’ll pick standard distances and weights (50’ distance, 100lb keg, stuff like that), but after that my goal is always the same; generate maximal misery. I’ll usually figure out my conditioning workout as I’m getting my implements ready, thinking to myself “what can I do with these things to really make life suck today.”

The better my conditioning, the crazier the workout gets.