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Conditioning Programs

Just wondered if anyone on here would be willing to share any conditioning programs that they’ve come up with on their own and had good success with.

I just finished a rather productive linear-progression phase and now I’d like to spend a few months focusing on losing some fat (hopefully 20 pounds at least) and improving my overall conditioning without, of course, sacrificing muscle mass or strength.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been dabbling with a routine along these lines:

Mon: Heavy squats, presses, deadlifts
Tues: Hill repeats, pullups & dips
Thu: Barbell complexes / run
Fri: Barbell complexes / pullups & dips

I’m not good at designing my own programs, and this is about the best thing I’ve come up with.

My diet is a work in progress as well, but thats another topic…

Any ideas?

gota say ive had some great success with wsfsb although it not a pure conditioning program it is designed for athletes?/ u definately wont lose strength on it. hope this helps

How long were you on the linear progression and what are your lifts? What were they before you started?
How much do you weigh and how much weight did you just put on?
How well is what you have been doing working?

From reading the experiences of a handful of crossfitters, who did a strength program to get stronger, then went back to zone eating and crossfit workouts, they end up losing all the strength they just gained.

Building a base level of conditioning takes a relatively short amount of time compared to the time it takes to get strong.

If you just want to lose weight, I would suggest training heavy more w/ a bit lower volume and adding tabata finishers, then conditioning workouts a couple days a week. Get your diet in check and you will be good. Check out Thibaudeau’s ‘War Room Strategies for Fat Loss’ which outline a productive way to set up the lifting.

If you drastically cut the lifting in favor of dieting and pure conditioning workouts, you will probably run the risk of losing some strength. Eat clean, but eat enough to support your training and I you will be alright.

Maybe for quicker fat loss,
Mon: heavy squats, presses, barbell complex or tabata finisher
Tues: hill repeats/conditioning of your choice
Wed: rest/slow cardio/recovery
Thu: deadlift, pull ups, dips, barbell complex or tabata finisher
Fri: conditioning
Sat: conditioning
Sunday: rest

Or something like this could even work w/ diet in check,
Mon: heavy squats + assistance
Tues: heavy upper + assistance + complex/tabata finisher/metcon
Wed: rest/slow cardio/recovery
Thu: deadlift + assistance
Fri: heavy upper + assistance + complex tabata/finisher/metcon
Sat: conditioning
Sunday: rest

Or from the professional:

Good stuff - thanks for the suggestions.

I agree with the poster above about cutting too much of the strength stuff. I would go with an regular 4 day strength routine (upper/lower for example)followed by some conditioning finisher. My second opition would be alternating a lower rep strength full body workout with a circuit/complex workout, so that would still train for strengh more than once a week. I have tried both ways.

This is a routine i’ve been doing for a month or so, and think it is working well:

upper body assistance
hill sprints

FrontSquat or Deadlift (alternate each week)
lower body assistance

Military and Pullups
upper body assistance

Hill sprints
some other conditioning drill maybe

I also train martial arts at evening 4x a week.