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Conditioning Program Advice?

Hi, I’m putting together a conditioning program to get fitter and drop some fat. The terrain around my house lends itself well to the following set of intervals - Is this a good model for a relatively unconditioned guy?

Warm up: 1km
(inc mobility and dynamic stretching etc.)

Then I was planning on running the following intervals and doing bw exercises between. (these are the lengths of fields near my house with bridges between them)

Interval 1 300m

  • ?
    Interval 2 330m
  • ?
    Interval 3 250m
  • ?
    Interval 4 200m
  • ?
    Interval 5 350m
  • ?
    Interval 6 200m
  • ?
    Interval 7 250m
  • ?
    Interval 8 330m
  • ?
    Interval 9 300m
  • ?

What should the ? be? (pressups, burpees, core exercises…)

Then I can walk 350m or so and there is a 100m stretch with 2 flights of stairs at the end for sprinting. rep recommendations?

I will also be lifting heavy 2 days a week.

Thanks in advance, and any other feedback is very appreciated!


perhaps alternate an upper and lower body exercise, pushups/lunges/bear crawl/squat jumps. Or pick one exercise a day, a certain number of reps, say 20 clapping pushups, and try to get 20 after each interval. and on the stairs try reverse bear crawling up them. just get creative and mix it up.