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Conditioning: Post Workout or Off Days?

Quick question, about to throw some BB Complexes into my workout. I’m not training for anything specific, and I can only draw the logical conclusion that conditioning should be related to your goals, and right now my only goal is strength with a barbell.

I did complexes briefly and I remember them bending me over the table. Would it be more beneficial to do them at the end of a full Coffinworm workout, or to just hit them on Wednesday and Saturday? (my off days) Thanks!

Answered my own question. Did a complex today (my off day) and had to peel myself off my sweat stained floor after about 10 minutes of finding God.

Definitely not doing that post workout.


Was thinking about this earlier, I guess it depends on your particular training.

With Coffinworm though, man that program is hard enough as it is!

Post workout works well for me since I’ve already burned out a ton of glycogen, but fasted conditioning first thing in the morning has been working even better for me in recent months