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Conditioning Options/Protocols

I got a question regarding containing protocols. So my current gym has an air dyne bike, the curved treadmill and a inclined treadmill with a harness attachment (emulates hill runs) and I was going to start implementing some of these within my program. How should I go about this? Any recommended protocols?

Funny. I just finished my airdyne conditioning, which I do regularly. I am typically running a 531 version of some sorts or structure, and I do templates that are 3x a week, and try for 3x a week of conditioning.

For me, using the airdyne:

Workout for distance: 10 miles (which is about 30 min) at least once a week.

Workout for time: usually to 15 - 22 minutes, with some not-too-hard sprints interspersed. For example, go hard for 15 seconds, easy(er) for 45 seconds and repeat.

I hate treadmills, but I’d aim for similar times and intensity if I wanted to use those. I used to run more often and play sports, but an injury has relegated me to the airdyne and hitting the heavy bag for conditioning, but I can lift pretty much as usual.

With that equipment I would do things like longer airdyne rides or incline treadmill walking for easy conditioning. Anything to keep your heart rate around 120-150 for 30ish mins

You could use that harness treadmill setup for hard conditioning workouts. Just work hard for 10-20 mins in more interval style.

Doesnt have to be detailed protocal. Just get some conditioning in any way you can.

Do you specifically want to use those machines or would you be open to other forms of conditioning, provided you had the equipment/space?

We have your basic treadmills, heavy bag, bikes, etc as well but I was looking to do these forms as I enjoy them more.