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Conditioning on Westside for Skinny Bastards


Westside for skinny bastards has a strength and speed template, which is:
Monday: upper max
Tuesday: speed session
Wednesday; rest
Thursday: lower max and conditioning finisher
Friday: upper repetition
Saturday: conditioning

Right now my focus is size and strength, but I have a 10k in november and obstacle course race in december, so I’d like to maintain my conditioning before I start a conditioning focused training phase in September. Would it be a bad idea to replace the speed session with another conditioning session? the conditioning would be either an interval session, enhanced interval or integrated circuit training (see never gymless), or one of Dan John’s conditioning complexes.


Depending on where you are at in your strength development, its going to be pretty hard to marry those two goals. Training for a 10k and training for size and strength require two very different approaches.

I would say if you’re already in decent condition cardiovascularly, keep the template the same and try to add as much muscle as you can before the race.


Right now my number one focus is mass and strength. I’ll keep the template as it is, and modify it October when I need more conditioning focus.