Conditioning in Muscle Gain Training

Hi Coach.
little intro to contextualize: I’m a 35 years old guy training for muscle mass, but seriously feeling the my bad cardio condition are dragging me back.
Some strategy advice???
Thank you.

PS: I’m 1B.

One word

Sprints (on foot, prowler, hill, bike, etc.)

Duration of up to 20 seconds, rest intervals of 75-90 sec

In the end of the workouts?
4 days a week?

I would start with 2/week and adjust from there. After the workout is fine, if the volume wasn’t too high

CT gave good advice on this back in Oct

"Very short bouts of intense activity at the end of the workouts … these should last around 8-12 minutes… farmers walks, prowler pushing, zercher carries, KB swings, assault bike, row, etc.

Some examples:

Loaded carries (farmer/zercher/prowler, etc.) 1 min on / / min off
Assault bike: 10 x 10 sec all-out with 90 sec of rest
Bike sprints: 8 x 30 sec all-out with 2 min of rest
KB swings tabata (20 sec on/10 sec off x 8 intervals)

On days off steady state cardio (30-40 min at 120-125 heart rate) OR WALKING dragging a sled with 1/2 bodyweight for 15-20 min"

Not to hijack the thread, but CT, what is your opinion about sprint-rowing on ergo’s. Have you used it?

Yes I’ve used it and often use with body comp clients. Works great.

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