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Conditioning For Rugby


Hi CT,

First time back playing rugby last night in a long term and realised my conditoning is far from up to scratch for my postion (Openside Flanker).

I can fit in 3 days for conditioning around my current training. How would you best split these up. I had in mind:

Day 1. 400m sprint session from your running man article
Day 2. Sprint speed session- 30m, 60m
Day 3. Tyre, sled or prowler session.

Can you see any issues with that set up?

Many Thanks in Advance


The question is: how often do you practice rugby (have practice sessions) and how many games a week do you play?

If you practice 4 times a week and play once, adding conditioning work on top of that might bot be a good idea or necessary since you'll be doing a lot of metabolic work in your practices and your conditioning will quickly come back.


As it stands, because i was late coming in i will have practice once a week for approx another month, it will then move up to 2 x practice a week with 1 game a week on saturday. Basically leaving me with 5/6 days a week to strength train or conditioning.

Currently my strength program consists of performing 3 lifts per workout, 4 x week from: deadlift capacity, push press, squat and bench with either 2 lower and 1 upper lift per day or 1 upper and 2 lower lifts per day. I then finish off with either a complex, 50 ring dips and rows, or a limited hypertrophy circuit.

Considering how off my conditioning is, could it be wise to drop the complex at the end of the workout inplace of say tyre flips, farmers walks, sprints, prowler work etc with 1/2 extra days for more intense conditioning work?


Don't neglect low intensity steady state training. It might not be as fun or fashionable as flipping tyres and stuff but it's absolutely essential in developing the endurance for 80 minute long rugby matches.