Conditioning for Pro Wrestling?

Anyone have any ideas of what conditioning work I can do 2-3x per week in addition to my weight lifting?

I was thinking about running 2 miles, 100 BW Squats, 50 pushups, and some other stuff.

sprinting, plyos, etc… stuff that requires quickness

Definitely do the high repetition BW squats, pushups, etc. Also, make sure to do plenty of bear crawls as well. Friend of mine who trained at a pro wrestling school said they used to do ridiculous amounts of BW squats, pushups, etc.

But also, don’t neglect a solid weight lifting program to get stronger/faster/bigger.

kenneth jay, a coach of world level wrestleres, has had great success with kettlebell snatch training for vo2max contitioning - the snatch also profoundly works power and grip.

here’s an overview