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Conditioning for Powerlifting


I'm relatively new to powerlifting and i love it. im a bit high in bf % and i want to get learner but the thing is a dont want to lose any strength at all. My first meet is coming up in a month, so i know i might not be able to use any tips until afterwards. Im 190lbs/86kg and i want to get down to a lean 180lbs/81kg weight for the next meet.

Any tips, programs, something...


Cardio doesn't automatically make you weak, brah. Walking for an hour yes, HIIT, no.

I'd say:

-Pulling a sled (if you have one)
-Farmers/Frame Carries


thanks, i recon i can make a sled out of a tire and some chain that i can definitely find at my cousins and make for free. So pretty much don't do soccer mom cardio on a treadmill type stuff? lol


Yup, pretty much. Make cardio like your lifting: Short & Fucking INTENSE

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Fuckin A! Gotcha


Actually, I don't think walking for an hour is going to hurt anyone's strength. Lots of powerlifters do this. IMO that would be a better option than a killer HIIT or Prowler session as these are much more demanding and could affect the quality of future strength training sessions as well as recovery. Moderate interval/prowler type training would also likely be a good idea. The point is that cardio shouldn't be very taxing if you're goal is strength.

Of course, the best way to lose weight is with diet modifications.


I agree with OBoile on this one. HIIT can definately have an effect on your strength levels, especially if it interferes with your recovery, where as slow, steady, and sometimes boring cardio can actually be restorative while still helping you burn some calories. I am not saying not to do some high intensity stuff, but I would say only 1-2 days per week mixed in with the slow steady variety carrying the bulk of your cardio IF strength is your goal. Clean up your diet a bit, burn a bit more in the gym and you are good. 10 lbs is not so bad. There was an article on TNation a while back that talks about it a bit as well. Check it out.



Well the thread is entitled "Conditioning" for Powerlifting. That's conditioning stuff, but hey, slow boring cardio works for fat loss, i guess.


Increase your work capacity, fix your diet. Both will help. Keep in mind that making large bodyweight drops will effect your bench the most negatively due to the decreased leverages.


push a car down ur street.


I do lots of long walking.

If you are looking to increase conditioning too, sled work, loaded carries, hill sprints, regular sprints, est.


x2 on the walking. It will not affect your strength, and will increase your aerobic/work capacity.

I imagine most of the people here scared of an hour of walking or a 3 mile run are really not that strong to start with.

As your base level of conditioning improves add some prowler stuff or sprints/hill sprints. Your lifting will take a hit at first, but the human body is pretty adaptable. Building work capacity is paramount though.


i statrted doing hill sprints...i noticed that my squat and deadlift has actually gotten stronger.


You don't necessarily have to follow it.. but 5/3/1 jim talks about conditioning.. Eric Cressey 185 bw pulled a whopping 660 lbs and he still did conditioning and trained maybe 4 days a week max and min.


Walking for an hour makes you weak?



I suggest circuit training. Maybe not the typical kind.
For example my martial arts club hosts this extremely tough circuit training class which doesn't take much of a tole on my body the next day but at the time you feel sick, muscles burn and you almost want to die at times. It is just 9 stations of 30 seconds with 10seconds between, done 2-3 times. Then 7x10 KB swings and sprints/agility for example.
Another example of circuit training is Barbell complexing or other extremely intense moves such as supersetting high-effort lifts (like clean and jerk x5, and squats x 10). You keep the weights heavy with these.
I also do sprinting one day per week and tabata after 2 of my workouts.

I just love doing this kind of thing for GPP and fitness and fatloss. (I hate standard cardio)
And no I'm not even a skinny fitness buff, I am just seeking a more balanced athletic ability.


Agree 100%