Conditioning for Kids During Summer?

Here in South Carolina the heat is in the 90’s and limits outside play. What kind of circuit can I make my kid do that will keep him in some kind of condition?

Jump rope, sprints (HIIT), 3-5 exercise BW circuits, swim, etc…

Swimming! If there’s anything I’d make a kid do, it’s swim!

How old is he? If he is still 10-12 years or younger, just let him go out and play with his friends. Don’t worry about having a structured plan or situation set up for him. At that young of an age, they need a variety of activities to create a well balanced kinesthetic awareness of their body.

Encourage him and his friend to have pickup games (baseball, bball, football, etc) or just “kid games”/activities (bike rides, manhunt, swimming in a lake/pool, etc). Just don’t make it a structured, regimented plan.

The heat is a concern, but as long as he is being fed well and drinks plenty and you encourage both of those, he should be fine, unless there is some underlying medical issue that hasn’t been discussed.

Why does 90 degree weather limit what he can do? Here in Houston the heat index routinely puts us in 105+ degree weather and there is no shortage of kids playing all kinds of ball [in certain neighborhoods at least].

Run hills.