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Conditioning for Cops

I was wondering everyone’s opinion on conditioning. When combining it with strength training, how many times a week or for how long should the duration be? In my case, I train 4-5 times a week for approx. 45 min to 1 hr 20 min. Most times, I combine weight training with either running
(sprints intervals on the tredmill or I would do a cross-fit type workout) Weight training would consist of mostly WSSB.

My second question is how to do strongman type training in a commercial gym(no sledgehammers, no tire flips,no sleds)? Just looking for ideas or opinions.

My current program 3x/week of TBT (from this website) and 2-3x/week of conditioning. The conditioning is done on non-lifting days and consist of running or a combination of “cardio” machines at the gym.

Both my lifting and conditioning workouts are around 30 minutes or less. Right now it appears this program fits MY goals and life style. It allows me to fit working out into my life without cutting into family time, sleep or any other important aspect of existance. Additionally, I can do any of the workouts after work and still be 100% physically for my next shift.

I tend to work graves and swings so joining a 24 hour gym was a great help to staying on course. Now if I can just find a martial arts place that has training for people with less than normal schedules I’d be set.

Hmm there MIGHT have been a thread similar to this a year or 2 back. It could be worth having a search for it cos from what I remember it was a good discussion.

Thanks for the reply. I was in a excellent MMA/BJJ school approx. 8 months ago. However, due to a promotion( now I am a detective in violent crimes in the armpit of Baltimore), dividing my time has quite difficult. Between the gym, family and work it became more of a hassle due to child care. Still I would love to go back.

Infinite Intensity by Ross Enamait. End of thread.