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Conditioning for 5/3/1 with Limited Equipment?


Hi Jim,

About to start 5/3/1 with “simple strength template” assistance.

My gym has limited equip for conditioning. It’s got the basics like treadmill, stationary bike etc.

What would you recommend for conditioning 4 days/week. I’m considering treadmill sprints or body weight HIIT (as outlined in this article: https://www.t-nation.com/training/conditioning-101) or possibly low weight barbell complexes.

Not too interested in major fat loss or anything. Just want to keep getting stronger . Thanks!


Best thing you can do is tempo runs - 1000-1600m total per workout. Stay around 70% or so, unless you suck at running, then start lower.

Generally 50-400m intervals; do NOT turn this into a lung-huffer. Only idiots condition and trenders call that conditioning.