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Conditioning Fit In with Powerlifting?


Where does conditioning fit in with powerlifting training? I've always assumed that powerlifting is about doing a lot of volume of the main lifts + assistance work and some recovery stuff (foam rolling, mobility etc,). I've been seeing a lot more talk and videos of guys adding more conditioning work with prowlers, sleds and even complexes. Just wondering where that plays in? seeing as powerlifting really isn't a cardio required sport. Where do you fit it in with training?


If your GPP sucks, it'll be hard to include much volume. If your not getting enough volume, your body comp will go down the tube and you can't get as much training effect. Also if your GPP sucks, you'll have a harder time recovering from workouts.

I've seen a lot of threads about people having difficulty recovering from X amount of frequency or Y amount of volume and often better GPP would help people handle it and thus increase their rate of gains.

As a bare minimum just for general health, you should be walking 30-45 min. a day. It'll help your joints and recovery. Ideally, include some of the stuff you mentioned.

Right now, I'm having really good luck including some EDT type work for my accessories on DE days and reducing my rest periods in general for supplementary and accessory work. If I did the other stuff, would I be recovering faster... I think so, as long as I didn't try to add too much in too fast and eased into it.


I have been training with a new powerlifting/strongman gym and they do a lot of conditioning work. Stuff like sled drags, prowlers, and complexes. They are pretty brutal and surprisingly fun but I'm not sure if all that DOM's is worth it? It's obviously more beneficial to the strongman guys at the gym.

My attitude has always been that if my conditioning is hurting my workouts, I would just focus on taking much shorter rest periods on assistant lifts. At first I would fail a rep or two shorter but it doesn't take long to adapt.