Conditioning Finishers

Currently on a 4 day powerlifting split and would like to add some finishers at the end of my sessions for overall health and to lean out a little without taking away from my lifts. I was thinking along the lines of sprints on the treadmill, swings and burpees. Any input on how much and how often will be beneficial and not hurt my lifts or recovery? Thanks

You might try farmers walk with lighter weight for time. I have done these and they are fun plus they kicked my ass.

Grab two weights that would normally be easy then walk fast for 200 yards. Rest for twice as long as it takes you to cover the 200 yards and then repeat. If you are doing this for a finisher you might want to only do 3 or so.

Good Luck holysmoke!

Farmers walks and prowler sprints. You can’t beat them really.

Agreed! Regardless of any training phase I am in, I always like to incorporate loaded carries. They are such a great conditioning tool. And of course kettlebell swings as well.

For the kettlebell swings I usually like to do ladders at the end: 2-3 x 15-25-35

Whats your weekly split look like? I’m not a powerlifter but am half way through a 10 week upper lower strength block and haven’t seen any interference with the program following the conditioning outlined below, you probably could drop the weekend run and Wednesday running portion if you think it’ll cause interference for you (I had to keep a little running in for running test maintenance)

Monday: Deadlift Day
5x30ish meter prowler sprints every two minutes on the minute (add weight weekly as desired)

Tuesday: Bench Day
3x1000m rows rest 3 minutes between efforts (cut it to 3x500m if my lifting took too long)

Wednesday: Off from Gym
1 mile run
Unilateral loaded carry conditioning
With a kettlebell (I used 24kg/53lb bell)
20 seconds overhead carry, 30 second front rack, 40 second farmers carry, switch hands and repeat
1 mile run
*add 5 seconds each week to each carry portion until you figure out where you need to adjust the time abased on weakness and what gives out faster- I just carried my phone timer or watch in whichever hand wasn’t holding the kettlebell to keep track of time

Thursday: Squat Day
Air assault bike sprints
30 second sprint
30 second recover (either slow bike or just chill)

Friday: Overhead Press Day
5x30ish meter farmers walk every 2 minutes on the minute (progressively add weight each week as desired)

Saturday: 3 mile conversational pace run