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Conditioning Finishers While Bulking on Bodypart Split?

Are conditioning finishers during a bulking phase detrimental if the current goal is muscle mass? I have cut from 190 lbs to 176 lbs at 5’10" and will cut further to around 168 lbs or so, so that I can begin the new year on a dedicated bulking phase.

I’ve never done a body-part split, so I wanted to try that for a few months (using the Clay Hyght template), but I don’t want to neglect conditioning. Steady-state cardio is straightforward to include on off days, but my question is where to fit in harder conditioning sessions (e.g. kettlebell/bodyweight circuits, prowler pushing). Would conditioning finishers at the end of 1-2 workouts be detrimental to the program?

If you’re eating to grow, definitely not.


Why do you want to include them?

To maintain basic conditioning, for health, and it appears that improved conditioning helps muscle growth.

Then I would personally stick with predominantly aerobic conditioning since this will tax your recovery the least, and set you up to tolerate greater training volumes that HIIT training IMO. However, as @mr.v3lv3t pointed out, if you eat appropriately you will be fine

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I’ve known a couple guys who look great and are strong as hell that do some HIIT stuff after every lifting session.

I think it’s a great way to keep conditioning up and burn some extra calories. If you don’t feel like it’s affecting your recovery, don’t worry.

Im all for good old cardio, but he did say

Which isn’t exactly dominating his cardio sessions.

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This is key.

I totally agree that a bit of hard conditioning won’t ruin you

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Sounds good. I’ll incorporate some conditioning 1-2x/week based on how I feel.

100% not. In fact quiet the opposite. Being of good general fitness and health will help you gain quality mass better.