Conditioning/Cutting While Deployed

I am looking for anyone who has had to cut or work on their conditioning while deployed. I am in Afghanistan and have access to an OK gym (mostly DB’s and a couple BB’s) but plenty of weights. My cardio options are tredmil, eliptical, exercise bike and stair stepper.

I know diet is a huge part and I know I am not getting enough calories in, but I am more afraid of putting junk in my body than not putting anything in at all. Below are my current stats/activities, any advice/tips are appreciated.

70inches tall 258lbs (very soft)(down from 300lbs in june)
Bench - 325
Deads - 475
Squat - 385
i usually lift 3-4 days a week and do cardio 2-3 days a week.
Currently doing a full body lift routine.

current food intake is usually
protein drink or protein bar within an hour of waking up
salad topped with chicken mid-day
and a protein drink after working out.

I cant cook food and I can only have what the dfac provides. I also work nights so i dont have access to the usual morning breakfast foods from the dfac. Most of my options come from a very limited sandwhich bar.

My main goal is to cut body fat.